Monday, August 29, 2016

#RPGaDAY Days 25-29: It kinda got away from me...

Yeah, time got in the way again. So let's catch up on the questions before we head into the final stretch!

Day 25: What makes a good character?

It's all down to the player. I've seen some really interesting characters get created at the table, and they just haven't been played very well. You have to like the character you have as well. If you don't like the character you've generated, you really can't get into the game and it takes you out of it.

I'm not saying I'm super immersive or anything - far from it. But you have to at least like the character you have. Too many times as a kid I generated D&D characters I didn't like and just didn't enjoy playing them... finding myself putting them at risk needlessly until it wasn't long before I was cracking open the rulebook to create another character.

Day 26: What Hobbies Go Well with RPGs?

You mean you have time for hobbies as well? Jeez, I must be doing something wrong. I guess that as RPG gaming is quite imaginative and creative, suitably creative hobbies probably go best, such as writing, art, crafting... Making stuff!! Make art, be it words, visual or more! Just do it!

Day 27: Most unusual circumstances or location you've gamed?

That'll probably echo back to the 6th response, raising money for the local church roof with a marathon RPG session. The last place you'd expect a 90 hour game of D&D to be played, especially in the 80's, would be a church hall. I'm sure that place was haunted as well...

Day 28: Thing you'd be most surprised if a friend hadn't seen or read?

It still surprises me when someone hasn't seen Star Wars. Any of them. What's wrong with you?

Day 29: If you could game anywhere on Earth, where would you choose?

That one's easy. J K Rowling's house. I'd run a game at J K Rowling's house to show how RPGs work - to prove that a game can be fun, exciting, creative and imaginative without changing or harming the source. I'd get her to join in on one of our current Star Wars games - a massive amount of fun, excitement and drama that doesn't lessen Star Wars at all. Doesn't destroy canon, doesn't ruin the films or the books, and hopefully, by the end of the game, she'd let me write the official Harry Potter RPG...

We can dream, can't we?

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