Thursday, August 4, 2016

#RPGaDAY 2016 - Day Four: Most Impressive thing another's character did?

A bit like yesterday's question only about someone else's character. What has impressed you during a game?


I really have no idea. I have distinct memories of my old WEG Star Wars game that I used to run, and the pilot of the "Ballistic Wombat", Deeko Smiggins, was so good at piloting that they used to cruise past Star Destroyers and jink around whole squadrons of TIE Fighters who didn't stand a chance of hitting the ship. There were so many dice being rolled, that it sounded like thunder.

The same group's Call of Cthulhu game, I remember my character sticking their head into a tent while we were camping out on the moors, hunting a werewolf. It was after an evening of camping booze, and everyone was a little drunk, and the poor soul stuck their head into the tent and one of the characters (I think it may have been Milo again, Deeko Smiggins' player from Star Wars) threw a bottle at them to discourage being disturbed from a night's sleep. The roll was so good, the bottle instantly killed him...  Ooops. I may be remembering it wrong (Milo will correct me), but that's what I remember anyway. It was a long, long, long time ago.

The lesson? Never throw anything at your team-mates. Especially weapons. Or fireballs.

Stay Multiclassy!!

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Anonymous said...

Erm, yes. I do remember that vaguely. It was a 01 on my throw chance - not the kind of roll I am famous for (quite the opposite). John was reffing I think but I can't remember if we killed it or not - I don't recall if it was there in the morning.
Deeko, yes. One of my favourite characters. There was a definite booze theme to that era as Deeko had a serious alcohol problem and had a still in his Stock Light Freighter where the bacta tank should have been.
My single, favourite moment was not a Hornsea D&D but in Preston. It was during one of our two endurance D&D sessions for Rag Week (72 hour) and we were in the second night. Adrian (Arse!) was playing a thief called Dobblegas Dirkschnider with certain chaotic and beastial proclivities. Long story short, he caught a rather virulent magical disease from a lover of the horse species he once took (ahem). After a fraught time trying to cure this disease he observed the same horse outside an inn. Mad with revenge rage he jumped on its back and stabbed it to death. He then charged into the inn and demanded to know whose horse it was tied up outside, intending to kill the owner too. Predictably a huge barbarian stood up and said it was his. Without missing a beat Dobblegas held out his sword and said "Well, I just found this stuck in it." It was some time before the laughter stopped but I guess you had to be there.