Wednesday, August 10, 2016

#RPGaDAY 2016 - Day Ten: Largest in-game surprise?

Going to have to be boring and refer to a couple of events that occurred during games this year, and ones I've already mentioned this #RPGaDAY.

Second biggest surprise has to be in the Changeling: The Lost game we've been playing, spotting someone at a crowded railway station in Victorian York who strangely looked exactly like one of our characters. We gave chase and I managed to catch up with her, only for her to fall into the path of a train that was coming into the station. It wasn't going very fast, but she shattered on impact like glass, which I think left all of the players sitting stunned for a bit, confused and surprised by what had happened. Very cool, but a bit wiggy as we used to say back in my hometown.

Biggest surprise came during our FFG Star Wars game - it was all going so well, playing apprentice Jedi during the Clone Wars. We'd been sent off (in completely the wrong direction thankfully) to track down some artefacts that General Grievous was looking for, and to find a missing group of apprentices that had been given the same mission. It was obviously going to be dangerous, so the Republic had sent us with three ships of clone troopers.

One ship was damaged and had to stay in orbit, but we landed with forty troops. Twenty stayed at the ships, and twenty came with us on the mission - which was a success. We found what was left of the previous group, and the dark Jedi that was causing the problems. However, on the way back to the ships, a message came over the communicators to the clone commander - Execute Order 66.

We were beaten, bruised, shot at, and knackered, only to have to fight the troops who had been assigned to protect us.

Needless to say, it was a tough fight, but we survived and escaped. Went into hiding and we've teamed back up again a year later to start the fight to take down the Empire.

Awesome. But Order 66 was a hell of a surprise to pull in the game.

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