Sunday, August 14, 2016

#RPGaDAY 2016 - Day Fourteen: Dream Team

Dream Team of people you used to game with. That's an easy one. I'd love to get the old band back together. We were The Eight. We were the Yorkshire equivalent of the Losers Club in a Stephen King novel. Together we could take on the world.

The Eight, or at least seven of us. Mole, Milo, Me, Bragi, Coop, JR and Fordy, at one of our reunions
(real names not used to protect the innocent)
(Ironically, missing two, John and Pete)
I haven't gamed with them since the early 90's, so it'd be interesting to see how gaming with them would compare.

Otherwise, I'd love to get the two groups I am in at the moment together. To see how the players of Star Wars and Changeling would work as a whole. They're all excellent gamers, and I'm sure it'd be amazing.

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Anonymous said...

The d&d online thing I did with some of the eight went REALLY well on the software Bragi and Pete put together. Everyone did play differently. It was definitely more role play than the roll play it used to be. I loved every minute of it. As regards the group photo I prefer the one from Mole's leaving do, even though John's not on that one... there's another good one that's a current version but missing you and Pete.
Milo. Xxx