Monday, August 3, 2020


#RPGaDAY2020 is now on Day Three, and the prompt is THREAD

We're playing a couple of games at the moment (Things from the Flood and Changeling: The Lost), both with different GMs, but both of them are running the games with a brilliantly open-world way of managing the plot-threads. Both of our GMs have said that plots are ticking away at their own speed, progressing and advancing with or without our intervention. Something I really love in these games.

Of course, I'm sure our GMs thought we were a lot smarter than we really are when they started weaving all of these plot-threads through the games. There have been a few occasions where we've missed something completely, a plot has been resolved by an NPC because we've become distracted by a different element of the setting, or just gone off for a meal or a date - accidentally forgetting about the coming apocalypse in one case!

Sunday, August 2, 2020


Day Two of #RPGaDAY2020 is the word "Change", and I've decided to take that as a quick look at the change in my gaming tastes. It's weird, but recently I've gone back to playing 1st edition AD&D, back with my old D&D group from many, many years ago - the same group that introduced me to gaming back in the mid 80s. 

Looking through the rulebook I have to admit a complete change in my tastes. I love the way that games have become works of art, with amazing illustrations and design. They've become simpler, and faster. Quick to pick up, especially for new players, and leave you free to enjoy the storylines and the drama rather than having to constantly flick through dozens and dozens of rulebooks. 

Probably why my favourite games of all time (Ghostbusters, WEG Star Wars, Buffy, Tales from the Loop) are all super fast and quick to learn. 

Saturday, August 1, 2020


Day One of #RPGaDAY2020 and we start at the very BEGINNING. 

I'm going to interpret this as how did I start playing tabletop RPGs? Well that goes back many, many years to the mid 1980s. The usual Saturday afternoon and I headed over to see a friend of mine who had the unfortunate nickname of Crud, expecting the usual afternoon of programming a ZXSpectrum to enable us to play the most basic of Light Cycle games. Instead, Crud said "we're not doing that, we're going over to JR's house"... 

We trekked over to his house, the far side of the city, and there I was introduced to my first tabletop RPG. Traveller...

Those little black books had so much information in them! I created a character, who was well into his 50s by the time he'd finished his military service, and played for a bit but wasn't really sure what was going on. It was all very new to me, but I was intrigued and very keen to try some more. It was only a matter of time before I was asked to come along to the next game, something very different - Dungeons & Dragons...