Monday, December 21, 2020

Solstice Greetings and the End of 2020


This year freakin' sucked. It's traditional to do a blogpost at the end of the year to discuss what has happened over the last twelve months, and to be honest, it's going to be hard. 

It started badly, losing my beloved cat Marla in January. She really was the most important thing in our lives, and losing her so suddenly hit me really hard, and I'm still not (and probably never will be) over it. 

Then we had a bad case of the flu, I blacked out, and just a month after we'd recovered from that, the rest of the world went to hell as the pandemic swept across the globe. With governments lead by floppy-haired pillocks who wouldn't know common sense if it smacked them in the face, it got out of control. As I write this, the strain in the UK has mutated into an even more contagious disease that threatens to dominate the country. The rest of the world has put us in isolation and our green and pleasant land has become the next Children of Men

While we try to survive the last days of 2020, looking back there were some good moments. They were few, but they were there. My wife launched her awesome Etsy shop, where her hand-crafted and upcycled goth coolness has been really busy in the build up to Halloween and Christmas. 

Lockdown (1 and 2, with a 3rd on the horizon) meant I got to stay home and hide. In between therapy sessions for my worry and stress, I managed to finish off a massive project that'll possibly be announced sometime close to the Doctor Who New Year Special - Revolution of the Daleks (hmmm, I wonder what it could be?). 

I also managed to finish off an adventure for EN's Awfully Cheerful Engine, which will hopefully launch next year.

And, thanks to Stoo and 300+ Kickstarter backers, WILD has been funded and will see print around Easter next year too! Just have to finish off those extra bits that were unlocked as stretch goals. Thank you to everyone who backed it or shared it!

We just have to hope there's a next year. The way this year has treated us, there's still the chance of a zombie apocalypse or rogue asteroid to really finish of a really crappy year.

So, I'm signing off for the rest of the year. I'm hiding in my bunker (when I'm not stuck at the dayjob). 

Stay safe everyone. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

WILD Kickstarter - the Final Week


It's the final week of the WILD RPG Kickstarter, and I've been completely blown away by the response. Thank you, everyone, who has backed, encouraged, or shared the Kickstarter to spread the word of it far and wide. It is currently over double its intended goal, blasting past the important stretch goal to have fantastic original artwork by Gareth Sleightholme commissioned for the tarot deck, and for these cards to actually see print!!

These cards will be in the book as well, which was always an important part of the way the game works. All the rules and a reference resource for the cards all in the first book, which (once you've played through the simulation) can become effectively a 'player's handbook' as further books expand the way dreams work and delve deeper into the collective unconsciousness. These are more aimed at the DreamMaster.

The extra pages that have been unlocked in the Kickstarter are a great opportunity to explore further, and open up the game beyond the 'training dive simulation' - giving advice for the DreamMaster for how dreams work, dream stability, and what you can expect to do and experience within the dreamscapes.

With just five days to go on the Kickstarter, I'm stunned at how successful it has been, and thank you all again. I hope you enjoy it when it heads out to you in April 2021.

Until next blog post, stay safe everyone. It's crazy and scary out there, and if I had the choice I wouldn't leave the house - but the dayjob means I have to. 

Take care, stay safe, and stay multi-classy.