Tuesday, August 9, 2016

#RPGaDAY 2016 - Day Nine: Ideal session?

Day Nine's question is "Beyond the game, what's involved in the ideal session?"

Another fairly simple one. After many years of playing, the ideal session is purely dependent upon the players. It doesn't matter what game, where it is, it's all about the players. While I love the friends that came to be known as The Eight - the gamers I played with at school and beyond - I've found that any game played with my current groups are just about perfect.

The same group that used to play Mage, Werewolf, Kult, and WitchCraft, all those years ago, we managed to get back together again a few months ago, albeit slightly by remote (thanks to Skype), and started playtesting WILD, and playing FFG's Star Wars, and even managed a couple of sessions of The One Ring.

And Debs and I have a second group going via Skype to play Changeling, which has been strange and confusing and magical all at the same time, while still being immense fun too.

Some games I've been in have been weird and awkward, and some players just don't seem to gel with the rest of the group, or deliberately make things tricky. But getting the right people together, no matter how, is the key to game, no matter what you play.

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