Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ostara - the birth of the new

It is the Spring Equinox, and spring means the start of new things. 

It's also the month where both myself and my wife have birthdays, and our wedding anniversary. Our birthdays were filled with feelings of "Oh god, another year older. I'm not celebrating." So we kinda took it easy, but I felt like I needed to add a new blog post to be all sharing and what-not. 

I made the leap and decided I was going to go to UKGamesExpo this year. Never been before, but I know a couple of the cool publishers who are going and I thought I'd try to convince some of them to send some writing work my way? You never know. 

So I thought I'd do a new business card. I didn't really like my old one, and I haven't really handed out many of them, so I figured I'd do it myself rather than pay to have some printed. 

Especially as I have zero monies at the moment. Anyway, the new business cards I thought could be like Tarot cards to tie in with the cards used in WILD (remember my blog posts about Tarot cards?) My art isn't very up to scratch, but the basic concept is using the Magician card, and the usual "tools" of the magician's art are replaced by items that represent all of the games I've worked on in the past - a model of a TARDIS, a model Enterprise, a zombie, a UFO, the tech from WILD, etc. 

So, if you see someone dressed in black at UKGamesExpo this year looking confused and lost, it's probably me. Come over and say hi.

Though... I do have some writing work at the moment. Not sure what I can say about it yet. It's not a huge one, but pretty darn cool none the less. It's a short contract, and I'm hoping it goes pretty smoothly. I'm sure I'll post on here when it's public. So, until that one's done, WILD is going to have to rest on the back-burner again for a while. 

Okay... on the subject of writing, I should get back to it. Until next post...

Peace and long life.