Monday, August 8, 2016

#RPGaDAY 2016 - Day Eight: Hardcover, Softcover or Digital?

That one's an easy one. After the essay I wrote yesterday, this one boils down to a fairly simple answer. I'm not a fan of softcovers, because the covers end up curly or damaged after weeks of abuse of looking up detailed. I find PDFs handy for reference, and portability, but nothing beats a good hardcover!

Though it's always nice if you don't get a hernia lifting a super heavy tome like the latest Shadowrun.

I discussed this topic a long time ago in this seemingly timely video for my channel...

Some of that seems strangely apt now.

But it this question has raised an interesting thought. What about "apps"? Why hasn't anyone gone further with the digital route and done the book as an app?

While working on WILD, I really wanted the book's digital equivalent to be more than just pages. I wanted animations, tap to open new features or examples of play. That sort of thing.

One day.

Until tomorrow, Peace and Long Life, and stay multiclassy!

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