Wednesday, November 25, 2020

WILD - Kickstarter update


First of all, many, MANY thanks to everyone who has backed, shared, and supported the WILD Kickstarter. It's been going so much better than I'd ever dreamed, and we're edging ever closer to the important stretch goal to get Gareth Sleightholme to do the tarot art for the book (and then it's just a little further to get the cards printed too!)

The Focused Diplomat card
art by Gareth Sleightholme

Gareth's artwork will make the game so much better, and he's already been putting extra research into the imagery and symbolism of the traditional tarot cards to incorporate into the new WILD versions.

The Kickstarter has already blown past a few stretch goals, meaning the game is going to grow by another 20pgs, which is great because I woke this morning with a new clarity (if you pardon the pun) of all the extra stuff that needs to be in these pages, which will open the game up to many, many more dreamscape adventures. 

There will also be digital tools which mean you can play online with a digital version of the tarot deck, so you can draw cards, get additional information about the cards (and hopefully audio description of the cards for those who would like it). 

There will be some other cool extras as well including a user manual for the dreamshare device, and an additional adventure of corporate espionage written by Stoo, who has helped bring WILD to life as well as running the playtests.

It's been an exciting week and a bit so far, and another couple of weeks of WILD lay ahead. Hopefully we'll raise the extra funds required for those cards and the art. Fingers crossed. 

If you haven't already, please check out the Kickstarter here - spread the word!

If you want to hear Stoo and me talking about WILD, check out this livestream that aired with The Dark Orb last night. 

Until next time, stay safe.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Coming SATURDAY 14th NOVEMBER - WILD: Training Dive Simulation


Mock up cover for WILD - Art by Qistina Khalidah - 3D Mock up by Will Brooks

It is just a few days away, but WILD is heading to Kickstarter. I mentioned in the previous post, that the Training Dive Simulation - a starter into the world (and dreamworlds) of WILD would be heading to Kickstarter soon, and soon it is! Saturday to be precise. 14th November 2020.

It's a bit like that bit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - "People said we were mad to launch a Kickstarter in November" but if this year has proved anything - we still need to dream. And to have dreams of something better.

With the American Presidential Election producing such a *hopefully* positive result (c'mon man, just concede, it's embarrassing) those dreams of something better seem to be making their way into reality. And the hopes of a vaccine against this awful virus means there's a little light at the end of this horrible tunnel of a year. 

Anyway, enough rambling. WILD is coming. As I said before, it's a great introduction to the game and can be played solo, or in a group with or without a GM. And it's different every time you play. If this one is successful, I've got expansions planned that will build upon this to reveal the dreamscapes, dreams within dreams, the collective unconscious, the incursions into the waking world... Oh the plans... 

But first, we need to get this one launched and funded! If it's successful enough, there will be a dedicated WILD Tarot set to go along with it! So, even if you're not keen, or can't afford it right now, please spread the word when it launches on Saturday.

Head over to the Kickstarter page, and you can be notified the moment it launches.

And head over to for more insights as the Kickstarter (hopefully) progresses. 

Thank you everyone. Stay safe, and keep dreaming.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Coming soon to KICKSTARTER - WILD


It's been a few years since my last post - at least it seems like it. What a year. As I type this, millions of Americans are casting their votes, millions of Brits prepare for another lockdown to keep this virus under control, and the world seems to be going crazy.

In the middle of all this, I've been writing the new edition of Doctor Who for Cubicle 7, and my good friend Stoo Goff has decided that he's going to Kickstart WILD - my roleplaying game of dreamshare technology. The game I've been working on for the last eight or nine years... Finally... 

Yes, it's filling me with equal amounts of relief (for finally getting it out there) and terror (what if no one likes it?) But it's moving. And sooner than you think. Hopefully, all going well, the Kickstarter will launch this month. 

The Kickstarter will be for WILD - Training Dive Simulation. It's the full rules you need to play, with simple character creation. You can use these to do whatever you like with the game - however it comes with a scenario where you play as a new trainee at ClarIT, the company behind the dreamshare technology. As part of your training you get to experience the first dreamshare experiment - when the creator of the device went into the dreamstate of his comatose daughter with the hopes of waking her. 

In the narrative of the game, he failed, and was trapped in the dreamscape with her - only when his ex-wife entered the dreamrealms did Clarity wake and everyone was freed from their unconscious state.

This simulation can be played traditionally with a group and a GM (or DreamMaster), without a GM, or even solo as a journalling game. The scenario unfolds through the draw of tarot cards (as does any conflict resolution), so you can play the simulation multiple times and every one will be different. 

Of course, as the system is all in here, imaginative gamers can take those concepts and run with it - creating dreamscapes and worlds of their own.

I just hope you all like it. 

Head over to the Kickstarter page here and you can sign up to be notified the moment the Kickstarter launches. Thank you for taking a look!

Head over to for more, and stay tuned for updates.

Above all, take care of yourselves. Stay safe. Vote if you're able.

Dream of a better future.