Monday, July 30, 2018

#RPGaDAY2018 - Starting in a few days!!

It's nearly the end of July, and looming ever closer is this year's RPGaDAY. Thank you to everyone who has already downloaded the graphic, started recording podcasts, vlogs and blogs in preparation for the annual celebration of everything positive about tabletop roleplaying games.

First of all, a little disclaimer.

Many things have been whittling away at my head for many, many months now, and it has become obvious to me, and probably to a lot of the people I work with, that there's something wrong. I have no attention span, I'm tired all the time, bored by everything, and have sudden outbursts of bad temper or melancholy. I had a realisation that what I really need to be doing is addressing this and sorting out what's wrong, and getting my head in gear.

I realised that the best thing for me to do is to get off the internet and sort things out. Of course, I realised this in the week building up to an intensive month of posting stuff on the internet - so my timing isn't great with that. When is it ever?

So, I've decided I'm not going to do the daily videos. They take a lot of time to prepare and edit, and let's face it - you don't really want to be staring at my bald and ageing head every day. I know very few people who have the endurance for that. And I don't want to do live vids because I'll only babble on and not know when to stop. Remember I said editing?

If I get the chance, I may record some weekly summaries, but I'm certainly going to be joining in with #RPGaDAY, but only in blog form. Hopefully this will put over all of the information, all of the positivity, and all of the fun of RPGaDAY, without uploading videos to Youtube that (let's face it) no one was really watching anyway.

Also, by stepping further back from RPGaDAY, it brings forward the cool people who volunteered to define the questions this year. I don't want to put up a post that's me grinning like a loon for ten minutes and detract you from looking at the content that I'm hosting here, or directing you to, produced by the lovely people who have stepped up to the plate and got involved. They deserve far more attention than I do.

Once #RPGaDAY is over this year, I'm planning on taking a break from the interwebs completely - I'll still be on there. I'm not deleting my accounts or anything like that, so you can still reach me via the usual means. But I'm going to diminish, and go into the west... until I'm feeling more like myself.

So, without further ado. I'll repost the graphics you will need to join in. It's going to be great. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your responses to this year's questions, and once again, thank you everyone for joining in. Seeing all of this positivity is just what I need right now.

For translations and plain text versions, check out the previous post here.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Announcing #RPGaDAY2018

It's nearly August, it's time to officially get this year's #RPGaDAY underway! First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who reached out to me when I put out the last video. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, and your willingness to take part and get involved.

As always, time got away from me, and I completely neglected to get back to some of you who volunteered, and I'm so, so very sorry. I had big plans for this year's RPGaDAY and things crashed and burned, and there was a moment that I nearly didn't bother. It was all the voices out there who showed such massive enthusiasm that it lives for another year. And I can't begin to apologise enough to those who failed to reconnect with. Next year, I promise.

As with previous years, #RPGaDAY is all about positivity. About how great our hobby is, how it can bring people together, and give them a fantastic social experience that fires the imagination, gets us thinking, and can give us vital real world skills. Friendships forged in the heat of battling an army of orcs can stay with you a lifetime - I know they certainly have with me.

#RPGaDAY celebrates our hobby, spreads the word of how amazing it can be, how accepting, encouraging and downright entertaining it can be.

For each day of August, look at the question prompts, some of which have been provided by you - those enthusiastic gamers who have taken part in previous years - and use them as inspiration to write a blog post, record a vlog, or simply post a photo on Instagram. Share your experiences, and join in with the hashtag #RPGaDAY2018 and #RPGaDAY. The latter will be flagged by the website ( ) and will be collated there. (Hopefully)...

Simply download the infographic below, and every day in August join in!

A high contrast version of the graphic can be found below...

If you'd prefer it in simple text, the prompts for this year are a follows:

1. What do you love about RPGs?
2. What is the first thing you look for in an RPG?
3. What gives a game “staying power”?
4. Most memorable NPC?
5. Favourite recurring NPC?
6. How can players make a world seem real?
7. How can a GM make the stakes important?
8. How can we get more people playing?
9. How has a game surprised you?
10. How has gaming changed you?
11. Wildest character name?
12. Wildest character concept?
13. Describe how your play has evolved
14. Describe a failure that became amazing
15. Describe a tricky RPG experience you enjoyed
16. Describe your plans for your next game
17. Describe the best compliment you’ve had gaming
18. Art that inspires your game
19. Music that enhances your game
20. Which game mechanic inspires your play the most?
21. Which dice mechanic appeals to you?
22. Which non-dice system appeals to you?
23. Which game do you hope to play again?
24. Which RPG do you think deserves more recognition?
25. Game that had an impact on you in the last 12 months
26. Gaming ambition for the next 12 months
27. Share a great stream / actual play
28. Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you’re grateful for
29. Share a friendship you have because of RPGs
30. Share something you learned about playing your character
31. Share why you take part in RPGaDAY


Most memorable character retirement
Most ambitious campaign idea achieved
Most innovative game of the last 12 months
Share playing a “temporary” character
Narrowest escape?
How do you prepare for a one-shot?
How do you prepare for an extended campaign?
What’s your favourite character “hook”?
What makes you want to GM?
What appeals to you about GM-less games?

Also, with many thanks to Michael L. Jaegers from, below is a translation of the questions into German:

What do you love about RPGs?Was magst Du an Rollenspielen?
What is the first thing you look for in an RPG?Was ist das erste, wonach Du in einem Rollenspiel schaust?
What gives a game "staying power"?Was macht ein Spiel zu einem "Dauerbrenner"?
Most memorable NPC?Erinnerungswürdigster NSC?
Favourite recurring NPC?Bevorzugter, wiederkehrender NSC?
How can players make a world seem real?Wie können Spieler eine Welt real erscheinen lassen?
How can a GM make the stakes important?Wie kann ein Spielleiter die Herausforderungen bedeutend machen?
How can we get more people playing?Wie bekommen wir mehr Menschen zum Spiel?
How has a game surprised you?Wie hat ein Spiel Dich überrascht?
How has gaming changed you?Wie hat das Spielen Dich verändert?
Wildest character name?Kühnster Name eines Charakters?
Wildest character concept?Kühnstes Charakterkonzept?
Describe how your play has evolvedBeschreibe, wie Dein Spiel sich entwickelt hat.
Describe a failure that became amazingBeschreibe einen erstaunlichen Fehlschlag.
Descibe a tricky RPG experience you enjoyedBeschreibe eine knifflige Rollenspielerfahrung, die Du genossen hast.
Describe your plans for your next gameBeschreibe Deine Pläne für das nächste Spiel.
Describe the best compliment you've had gamingBeschreibe das beste Kompliment, das Du für Dein Spiel bekommen hast.
Art that inspires your gameEin Kunstwerk, das Dich für Dein Spiel inspiriert hat.
Music that enhances your gameMusik, die Dein Spiel verbessert hat.
Which game mechanic inspires your play the most?Welche Spielmechanik inspiriert Dein Spiel am meisten?
Which dice mechanic appeals to you?Welche Würfelmechanik reizt Dich?
Which non-dice system appeals to you?Welche würfellose Spielmechanik reizt Dich?
Which game do you hope to play again?Welches Spiel hoffst Du erneut zu spielen?
Which RPG do you think deserves more recognition?Welches Rollenspiel verdient Deiner Meinung nach mehr Beachtung?
Game that had an impact on you in the last 12 monthsEin Spiel, das in den vergangenen 12 Monaten eine Auswirkung auf Dich hatte.
Gaming ambition for the next 12 monthsDeine Spielpläne für die kommenden 12 Monate.
Share a great stream / actual playBenenne einen großartigen Stream / Actual Play / Let's Play
Share whose inspiring gaming excellence you're grateful forBenenne, für wessen inspirierendes Spiel Du dankbar bist.
Share a friendship you have because of RPGsBenenne eine Freundschaft, die Du durch das Rollenspiel gewonnen hast.
Share something you learned about playing your characterBeschreibe etwas, das Du über das Spielen Deines Charakters gelernt hast.
Share why you take part in RPGaDAYBeschreibe, warum Du am RPGaDAY teilnimmst.
Backup Questions / AlternativesErsatzfragen / Alternativen
Most memorable character retirementErinnerungswürdigstes Ende einer Charakterkarriere
Most ambitious campaign idea achievedEhrgeizigstes, erreichtes Kampagnenziel
Most innovative game of the last 12 monthsInnovativstes Spiel der letzten 12 Monate
Share playing a "temporary" characterBeschreibe das Spiel eines "temporären" Charakters.
Narrowest escape?Was war Dein knappstes Entkommen?
How do you prepare for a one-shot?Wie bereitest Du Dich für einen One-Shot vor?
How do you prepare for an extended campaign?Wie bereitest Du Dich für eine große Kampagne vor?
What's your favourite character "hook"?Was ist Deine bevorzugte Masche eines Charakters?
What makes you want to GM?Warum leitest Du gerne?

For the questions in Spanish, they have been very kindly translated by Roberto "Sunglar" Micheri.

1)  ¿Qué te encanta de los juegos de rol?
2)  ¿Qué es lo primero que buscas en un juego de rol?
3)  ¿Qué hace que un juego de rol perdure?
4)  ¿Cuál ha sido el PNJ (Personaje No Jugador) más memorable?
5)  ¿Cuál ha sido tu PNJ (Personaje No Jugador) recurrente favorito?
6)  ¿Cómo pueden los jugadores hacer que el mundo de un juego parezca real?
7)  ¿Cómo puede un DJ (Director de Juego) lograr que los elementos del juego se sean importantes para los jugadores?
8) ¿Como podemos lograr que más personas jueguen juegos de rol?
9)  ¿Como te ha sorprendido algún juego de rol?
10)  ¿Como te han cambiado los juegos de rol?
11)  ¿Cuál ha sido el nombre más descabellado para un personaje?
12)  ¿Cuál ha sido el concepto más descabellado para un personaje?
13)  Describe cómo ha cambiado tu estilo de juego.
14)  Describe un fracaso que se convirtió en algo asombroso.
15)  Describe una experiencia difícil en un juego de rol que, aun así, disfrutaste.
16)  Describe tus planes para tu próximo juego.
17)  Describe el mejor alago que has recibido mientras juegas.
18)  ¿Qué arte inspira tu juego de rol?
19)  ¿Qué música enriquece tu juego de rol?
20)  ¿Qué mecánica de los juegos más te inspira a jugar?
21)  ¿Qué mecánica de los juegos, referente al uso de dados, más te atrae?
22)  ¿Qué sistema que no utiliza dados más te atrae?
23)  ¿Qué juego de rol esperas jugar nuevamente?
24)  ¿Qué juego de rol consideras merece más reconocimiento?
25)  ¿Qué juego te ha impactado más en los últimos doce meses? 
26)  Con relación a los juegos, ¿qué ambicionas hacer en los próximos doce meses?
27)  Comparte un excelente juego que se transmita en línea.
28)  Comparte la excelencia al jugar de quién que te inspira y por la que te sientes agradecido.
29)  Comparte una amistad que has cultivado gracias a los juegos de rol.
30)  Comparte algo que aprendiste sobre jugar tu personaje.
31)  Comparte por qué participas de Un Juego del Rol Cada Día (RPGaDay).

And thanks to Sébastien Allard (Nolinquisitor) with the French version (with amendments by Mélisande de Lassence at


1. Qu’est-ce que vous aimez à propos des JdRs?
2. Quelle est la première chose que vous espérez voir dans un JdR?
3. Qu’est-ce qui donne à un jeu l’envie de le poursuivre sur une longue période?
4. PNJ le plus mémorable?
5. PNJ récurrent favoris?
6. De quelle façon les joueurs peuvent-ils aider à rendre un monde plus vivant?
7. De quelle façon un MJ peut-il rendre les enjeux plus importants?
8. Comment faire pour attirer plus de joueurs dans le hobby?
9. De quelle façon un jeu vous a-t-il surpris?
10. De quelle façon ce hobby vous a-t-il changé?
11. Le nom le plus fou de personnage que vous ayez vu?
12. Le concept le plus fou de personnage que vous ayez vu?
13. Décrivez l’évolution de votre expérience de jeu.
14. Décrivez un échec qui est devenu étonnant.
15. Décrivez une expérience de jeu délicate que vous avez appréciée.
16. Décrivez vos plans pour votre prochaine partie.
17. Le meilleur compliment que l’on vous a fait durant une partie.
18. L’art visuel qui inspire vos parties.
19. La musique qui inspire vos parties.
20. Quelle mécanique inspire votre jeu le plus?
21. Quelle mécanique de dés vous plaît?
22. Quelle mécanique sans dés vous plaît?
23. Pour quel jeu gardez vous l’espoir d’y rejouer?
24. Selon vous quel JdR mériterait plus de reconnaissance?
25. Jeu qui a eu un impact sur vous ces 12 derniers mois.
26. Votre ambition rôlistique pour les 12 prochains mois.
27. Partagez une bonne partie en ligne ou un « stream ».
28. Partagez une chose inspirante pour laquelle vous avez de la gratitude.
29. Partagez une amitié que vous devez au JdRs.
30. Partagez quelque chose que vous avez apprit en jouant votre personnage.
31. Partagez pourquoi vous participez à RPGaDAY.
Questions alternatives
– Personnage mis à la retraite le plus mémorable.
– L’idée de campagne la plus ambitieuse que vous ayez accompli.
– Jeu le plus innovateur des 12 derniers mois.
– Partagez la fois où vous avez jouer un personnage temporaire.
– Partager l’évasion d’une situation la plus serrée?
– Comment préparez-vous une partie unique?
– Comment préparez-vous une campagne à long terme?
– Quelle est votre thème préféré de personnage?
– Qu’est-ce que vous pousse à être maître de jeu?

With thanks to Douglas Santana Mota and Jefferson Pimentel for the Portuguese translations below:


1 – O que você mais ama nos RPGS? 
2 – Qual é a primeira coisa que você procura em um RPG? 
3 – O que dá um “poder de permanência” ao jogo?  
4 – Qual o seu PnJ mais memorável?
5 – Qual o seu PnJ recorrente favorito?
6 – Como os jogadores podem fazer um mundo parecer real?
7 – Como um Narrador pode tornar as consequencias das ações mais dramáticas? 
8 – Como podemos ter mais pessoas jogando?
9 – Como uma partida te surpreendeu? 
10 – Como o RPG mudou você? 
11 – Seu nome mais maluco de personagem? 
12 – Seu conceito mais maluco de personagem?  
13 – Descreva como o seu jogo evoluiu. 
14 – Descreva uma falha que se tornou surpreendente. 
15 – Descreva uma experiência complicada do RPG que você gostou. 
16 – Descreva seus planos para a próxima partida. 
17 – Descreva o melhor elogio que você ganhou em uma partida. 
18 – Arte que inspira seu RPG. 
19 – Música que estimula seu RPG. 
20 – Qual mecânica de RPG te inspira mais? 
21 – Qual mecânica de dados mais te atrai? 
22 – Qual sistema sem dados é o seu preferido?
23 – Qual RPG você espera jogar de novo? 
24 – Qual RPG você acha que merece mais reconhecimento? 
25 – RPG que teve impacto em você nos últimos 12 meses. 
26 – Sua ambição para o RPG pelos próximos 12 meses. 
27 – Compartilhe um ótimo jogo real. 
28 – Compartilhe de quem você é grato por ser uma inspiração dada sua excelência no RPG. 
29 – Compartilhe uma amizade que você tem por causa dos RPGs. 
30 – Compartilhe algo que você aprendeu sobre como interpretar seu personagem. 
31 – Compartilhe por que você participa do RPGaDAY.

With thanks to Joonas Kainulainen here are the questions in Finnish.


Viikko yksi: MITÄ…
1 …Rakastat roolipeleissä eniten?
2 …Haluat roolipeliltä?
3 …Roolipelin tulee omata pysyäkseen tuoreena ja vuodesta toiseen pysyvänä?
4 Parhaiten mieleenpainunut NPC?
5 Kuka on toistuvasti tavatuista NPC:stä suosikkisi?
Viikko kaksi: KUINKA…
6 …Pelaajat voivat auttaa pelimaailman elävöittämisessä?
7 …Pelinjohtaja voi luoda tarinan panoksista paremmat?
8 …Saamme lisää väkeä harrastukseemme?
9 …Olet joskus päätynyt pelin yllättämäksi?
10 …Roolipelaaminen on muuttanut sinua?
11 Hulluin pelaajahahmo nimi?
12 Hulluin pelaajahahmo idea?
Viikko kolme: KUVAILE…
13 …Kuinka pelaamistyylisi/taitosi ovat kehittyneet?
14 …Epäonnistumista joka päätyi mahtavuudeksi?
15 …Kiperää roolipelaamis tilannetta josta nautit?
16 …Suunnitelmiasi tulevaa roolipeli seikkailua varten?
17 …Palkitsevinta kohtelijaisuutta jonka olet roolipelatessa saanut?
18 Millainen taide inspiroi sinua roolipelaamaan?
19 Millainen musiikki auttaa pelisi tunnelmaa?
Viikko neljä: MIKÄ…
20 …Pelimekaniikka innostaa sinua pelaamaan eniten?
21 …Noppa systeemi on sinulle mieleisin?
22 …Nopaton systeemi on sinulle mieleisin?
23 …Roolipeli houkuttaisi pelata uudelleen?
24 …Roolipeli ansaitsisi mielestäsi enemmän huomiota?
25 Millä roolipelillä on ollut merkittävä vaikutus sinuun viime vuosina?
26 Millaisia roolipelaamis suunnitelmia havittelet tulevana vuonna?
Viikko viisi: KERRO…
27 …Roolipeli netti streamistä, tai muusta hienosta pelistä jonka haluaisit jakaa?
28 …Kuka inspiroi sinua roolipelaamaan?
29 …Ystävyydestä jonka olet luonut roolipelien ansiosta?
30 …Hahmojasi pelaamalla oppimistasi asioista?
31 …Miksi päätit vastata näihin “RPG-A-DAY” kysymyksiin?

And in Polish, thanks to Maciej Jesionowski -

...kochasz w grach RPG?
...jest pierwszą rzeczą, na jaką zwracasz uwagę przy wyborze RPG?
...sprawia, że do RPG chce się wracać?

..wyróżnia bohatera niezależnego (NPC), do którego najczęściej wspominasz?
...robisz, aby Twój ulubiony typ bohatera niezależnego (NPC) pojawił się na kolejnych sesjach i kampaniach? 

...gracze mogą wpływać na to, żeby świat wydawał się bardziej realny?
...Mistrz Gry może sprawić, żeby każde wyzwanie było angażujące?
...powiększyć grono osób grających w RPG?
...określisz to, co najbardziej zaskoczyło Cię w Twoich sesjach?
...wpłynęło na Ciebie granie w RPG?

...brzmiało imię, które z pewnością było tym najdziwniejszym podczas Twojej historii z RPG?
...opiszesz swoją najbardziej odjechaną koncepcję na postać?

...jak rozwijało się Twoje granie w RPG?
...porażkę, która przemieniła się w coś naprawdę epickiego!
...najsprytniejszą zagrywkę, której doświadczyłeś na sesji.
...jakie masz plany na swoją najbliższą sesję.
...jak brzmiał najciekawszy komplement użyty przez Ciebie na sesji.

...lub wklej grafikę bądź ilustrację, która ostatnio Cię zainspirowała do zrobienia czegoś podczas sesji. ...sytuację i podziel się muzyką, którą ostatnio idealnie wpasowałeś w sytuację na sesji.

...mechanika jest przez Ciebie najchętniej wykorzystywana podczas sesji RPG?
...mechanika korzystająca z kostek najbardziej przypadła Ci do gustu?
...mechanika bezkostkowa najbardziej przypadła Ci do gustu?
...gra zostawiła w Tobie nadzieję na przynajmniej jeszcze jedną sesję?
...gra zasługuje, według Ciebie, na większą popularność?

...gra RPG miała na Ciebie największy wpływ przez ostatnie 12 miesięcy?

...jakie są Twoje RPGowe ambicje, które chcesz zrealizować w w najbliższym roku?

...jaki jest Twój ulubiony kanał, na którym oglądasz sesje na żywo?
...czy jest ktoś, kto inspiruje Cię do coraz lepszej gry bądź prowadzenia sesji?
...czy masz jakieś znajomości, które rozpoczęły się od sesji RPG?
...czy jest coś, czego nauczyła Cię odgrywana przez Ciebie postać? zmotywowało Cię do wzięcia udziału w polskiej edycji akcji RPGaDAY? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Thinking Outside of the (Brain) Box

Before the madness that is #RPGaDAY starts next month (questions will be revealed next post), I wanted to talk about a revelation I had during a recent game of Tales from the Loop.

Our GM - Stoo - has been running Tales from the Loop for us for the last few months, and while I own the game I haven't read the adventures. I wasn't sure if I'd get to run it, so I haven't been spoiled for the major plot revelations.

However, sometimes, when that particular section of the adventure is over I go to the rulebook and have a quick look to see what was written about it to see how it was done.

Tales from the Loop is a strange beast when it comes to RPGs. The rules are surprisingly simple. Let's look - It's 192 pages for the corebook, The first 46 pages are introducing the world (both the Swedish Loop and the US Loop). Then you have 26 pages which cover character creation and the rules of the game. 31 pages of how to run a mystery, then 68 pages of adventure split up over four seasons ("The Four Seasons of Mad Science").

See? I told you it was simple. It's kinda reassuring as WILD is very simple in its actual system too, a lot of the game is going to be how to play in dreamscapes and setting information...

Anyway, I digress.

A couple of sessions ago we were playing one of the side investigations in the Mystery Landscape, one that only takes up a couple of pages of information in the rulebook, but has been keeping us intrigued for a couple of sessions at least. If you're familiar with Tales from the Loop, there's a plot involving dreams.


The game normally assumes you find a piece of technology that involves dreamsharing, and either destroy it, or the government sends in goons to stop it. However, one of our players decided instead to use the technology just to see what it does.


In a plot right out of WILD he ended up in a dreamscape, running through his childhood home and discovering things from his past that he didn't remember - major revelations about an older sister who died from an illness while he was very young, explaining why his father was a bit distant and a drinker...

To get him out of his dreamscape, we foolishly went in - full Inception-style - to try to lead him out, where my character had to experience the car accident that killed his mother, Debs' character had to deal with the feeling of being ignored in her own home - the least noticed of her many siblings, and the villain of the piece - the creator of the technology - confronted his violent father, aided by our characters encouragement. Instead of fighting the villain, we helped him stand up to his violent father in a dreamscape, and resolve a lot of his issues. All while dealing with some emotional and heartbreaking issues of our own.

It was epic, emotional, and absolutely none of it was in the rulebook. Most of it created on the fly by our awesome GM and the cool backgrounds that had developed for our characters over time.


It got me thinking. Mostly because this session was all in a dreamscape, it started me thinking about WILD. And I mentioned this to Debs the following day.

I realised, I wasn't imaginative enough to run my own game. The game I've been working on for the last seven (plus) years, I honestly don't think I can run it. I can write it, and I can give players and GMs the tools they need to run the most amazing game I can think of, but I honestly don't think I could run it and do it justice.

Then again, I've seen this happen with other games I've worked on. I've heard stories of Doctor Who games that people have run that have blown me away. Amazing tales of Cybermen attacking, Sarah Jane Smith uniting a school to help defeat them. And that's before we get onto the epic feat of storytelling that was Geek and Sundry's Doctor Who RPG series hosted by Eric Campbell.


I remember having this discussion with Jason, a friend of ours who first got me into Conspiracy X all those many, many years ago. He has worked for years with various mental health organisations and is now launching his own hypnotherapy business. One day he popped over and we started discussing WILD and the themes that the game could cover - delving into the unconscious and subconscious of the characters, and helping them to deal with recurring nightmares, as well as the other major plot elements (dreams invading reality, espionage, etc.). He said (and I'm paraphrasing) "You know, this game could not only be a good game, but it could also actually do some good - helping players come to terms with their own issues and complexes."

While I love the idea of creating something special that transcends the level of being merely a game, it's not something I think I could run. I felt really uncomfortable at moments during that Loop game - not because of the subject matter, but I just didn't think I was capable of being that "in the moment" emotionally and dealing with the traumas of my poor character's past.

I guess a lot of that is my problem and my mental state at the moment anyway. You never know, I may feel differently in a year's time if things improve a bit.


"Skip to the End" as they say in Spaced.

Basically what I'm saying is that roleplaying games are amazing and can produce a level of emotional involvement that is quite unlike anything else short of reality. Maybe it's close to method acting. It's a fantastic experience, and I'm always amazed when a game gets to that level of involvement - when you're really feeling what the character feels, whether this is fear, sadness, or joy.

These games can hit home, and sometimes that emotional attachment can help us to cope with things in our real lives.

I only hope that one day I'll be able to run WILD, or any game, that has that emotional resonance, again. Until that time, thank you Stoo and my fellow players for an astounding gaming experience, and thanks to the Tales from the Loop writers for giving us that opportunity.