Tuesday, August 6, 2019


A particularly ANCIENT Morbius HeroClix figure,
with awesome custom Autocratik dice by www.chimericdesigns.co.uk 

Day Six of #RPGaDAY for 2019 is ANCIENT. How to interpret that one? I thought I'd look at the oldest thing I have when it comes to gaming. Before I bought my first RPG (Star Frontiers), or bought by first RPG rulebook (AD&D Players Handbook), I did what every budding gamer does when they first get into RPGs - I got my own dice.

Back in those days, getting gaming supplies was something you had to be indoctrinated into. It wasn't just available everywhere, or in big book stores like it is now. Like The Matrix, you had to see it for yourself. I was taken to Hull, the nearest big city and the only place nearby that really had gaming supplies. It was an hour on the bus, and strangely we got off before we got to the city centre. Half way up George St was an odd framing shop called Kingston Galleries. From the front it was just that - an art shop. Not one of these art supplies and paint shops - no. It sold art and frames. You went up a small set of steps to the front of the shop (as it was above street level), but instead of going into the shop itself, you continued up more stairs to the vast, open room above. There was a single counter, with a till on it. A few spinners were dotted around the room, but the main end wall was tiered shelving for roleplaying games. It was from here that I would buy most of my games until I moved away from my home.

And it was here that I must have bought my first set of dice.

The one that I still have, and was probably the most used (thanks to years of playing AD&D). I don't remember buying it from Kingston Galleries - you never know, it may have been donated to me by another player as it's a funny colour (I mean, who really wants a flesh-tone die?). Or it may have been the only D20 they had. Anyway, it's the first die I remember owning, and I still have it. I even keep it in a dice box like a little shrine because I'm a little sad like that...

Yes, it's the most ANCIENT thing I have when it comes to gaming...


Anonymous said...

Loving this; but I can trump you on Kingston Galleries - I visited them before they moved, when they were still a half-hour walk up Spring Bank, and I originally went there to get lead miniature tanks for wargaming. Woot woot!
I must say I love your d20 box. That is class!
Milo. xxx

Timothy S. Brannan said...

That is pretty cool. I should do something like that!

Batjutsu said...

Nice 😀
I wish I'd kept the first model I painted. Some painters have and use it as a reminder of how far they've come 😉