Wednesday, August 7, 2019


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Day seven of #RPGaDAY for 2019 is FAMILIAR. I haven't really played a fantasy game in many, many years. And even when I did, I usually played Paladins. I know, I'm sad like that. I did play a couple of magic-users, but they never really lasted very long (the problem with very few hit-points) and ended up looking a bit like that Orko from Masters of the Universe (only with feet).

The closest thing I've had to a Familiar in a game has been fairly recently. We played a long running campaign of FFG's Star Wars RPG (Force and Destiny, mostly) where we were all apprentice Jedi during the Clone Wars. Then Order 66 happened, and we joined the very beginnings of the Rebellion.

My character, Qedra, was a Zabrak that looked just like Darth Maul. Once dark side, hoping to redeem himself and become a Jedi. He did, and in the end was so light-side that when he finally died in the second to last session he made a comeback for the finale advising the remaining characters as a Force-ghost.

He was ridiculously over-powered with a lightsaber, and did some epic and heroic things, but one of his skill-trees meant that he could bind himself with an animal to become a "force familiar". There was only one choice...

I loved Loth Cats from the moment they appeared in Rebels, the animated series. The whole series was phenomenal, and I loved it even more than Clone Wars (that's saying something) but I did love those Loth Cats. So I adopted one, bound myself to the little minx, and we adventured together for ages. She was called Katniss, and my character's final words before dying in the game were "feed my Loth Cat!"...

Somewhere out there, Katniss is helping the Rebellion by biting the ankles of many Stormtroopers...

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