Monday, August 12, 2019


Red Spartan vs Blue Spartan (HaloClix) - custom Autocratik dice thanks to
Day Twelve of #RPGaDAY for 2019 is FRIENDSHIP. I've been pondering what to write for this one, and my amazing wife suggested that I talked about character friendship, rather than player friendship. After all, I've mentioned many times on my blog about "The Eight" - the group of friends I used to game with from my school days who have remained the most awesome friends I could imagine to this day.

But there are some friendships that are formed in game between characters that are pretty powerful too. I remember our Mage game when one of the characters was killed, it was a truly devastating moment for the other two players and their characters. While that game has finished, we've found that the friendships formed between the characters can be just as strong - the sense of connection our apprentice Jedi had was almost as close as those Mage characters. And despite any disagreements our characters had during our Aegean game, we'd gladly leap to each other's side when our little village came under threat.

Powerful stuff. You don't get anything like that playing Risk...


Anonymous said...

Everything was dark, everything was great, then Ribee said "Alex at eight.".
Oh no! We can't now can we? Milo is not amused.

Fern Kali said...

Character friendship is what I intend to write about too! Player friendship comes up easily under other topics, and character friendship is sometimes undervalued