Friday, August 2, 2019

#RPGaDAY 2019 - DAY 2: "UNIQUE"

Custom made Rose Tyler figure I made for the Dr Who Micro Universe range.
Awesome dice with the Autocratik Logo made by Chimeric Designs
Day two of #RPGaDAY 2019, and today's prompt is the word UNIQUE.

What can I post about that's Unique?

I could go with the Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space pitch book we printed to show the BBC what we had in mind when we were pitching the concept of a tabletop RPG to them. Great fun to create, and after a stressful pitch meeting, it seemed to work... But it's not exactly *unique* as there are about 10-20 copies of this circulating around...  What is more unique?

Maybe I could go with the WILD pitch book that I had printed for last year's Dragonmeet? I took a page out of the Dr Who pitch, and created a whole hardback pitch for the WILD RPG to get people interested. However, while I only have one, there are two other copies out there in the wild (so to speak)... so it's not unique...

I could go with the Rose Tyler Micro Universe figure in today's header, but again, I made a second one for a friend (though I'm sure I saw that in a collectable's store somewhere)... So again, not unique.

I guess the only thing I can go for is the WILD Tarot deck created to playtest the WILD RPG. There is only one of those - it's all drawn in fine Sharpie on a blank Tarot deck, so it's a bit rough, and now is covered in red pen as I make notes and adjustments to the way it works. In fact, it's all going to change again soon as the rules move into a new development phase, but that deck is a one of a kind...

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