Friday, August 9, 2019


WOTC D&D Mini from the early 2000's
Amazing custom Autocratik dice thanks to
Day Nine of #RPGaDAY 2019 is CRITICAL. I'm sure most people out there will recount their most amazing critical hit in a game (I honestly can't think of any, but I do remember the fumble tables from MERP being pretty harsh), or talk about their love of internet webseries phenomenon Critical Role.

There is a danger with today's prompt and that's of being critical of other people's work and of games you don't like or get on with. And that's not what #RPGaDAY is about - it's about positivity and being encouraging. Spreading the word of how great RPGs are and their benefits.

I'm going to be CRITICAL of something - I'm going to be CRITICAL of today's word, and criticise myself for putting this one in there. In my head I was hoping people would go the Critical hit / or Critical Role route, but I know it's opened the door to people being critical of other things. So I'm going to ask you to do the opposite.

In my introductory video for this year, I suggested if you didn't like a word you should go with the exact opposite, and I'm going with that. The antonym for CRITICAL is COMPLIMENTARY. So I'm going to ask the ten or so people who read this blog to do something for me.

Write your blog, post your pictures, and so on for your #RPGaDAY entry for today as normal, but if you read this blog do me one favour - pay someone a COMPLIMENT. It could be one of your players, your GM, a writer of an RPG you play, an illustrator who did a particularly amazing and inspiring piece in a game, anyone. Just tweet to them that you think the work they do is great if they're not part of your group, or tell them they're awesome if you know them at your game table.

Thanks everyone.

I'd like to pay a compliment to everyone who takes part in #RPGaDAY, and spreads the word of how great our hobby is. I'd also like to particularly thank Anthony Boyd for his immense help again this year, and Will Brooks for his graphic design skills.


Craig Oxbrow said...

It's always cheering to see the thought and energy in gaming which something like RPGaDAY highlights.

S. John Ross said...

" I'm sure most people out there will ..."


Some of of the prompts, like this one, aren't really prompts. They have such clear gaming connotations that they're simply topics.

Topics are still a fantastic step up, though, and topics are open-ended enough that I can still choose to TREAT them as prompts.

(I went with the critical-as-in-criticizing version, and used it to pay someone a compliment for writing a very good article about the standards for being critical, thus ... doing something with a snake's tail or somesuch).