Monday, August 5, 2019

#RPGaDAY 2019: DAY 5 - "SPACE"

Aethersprite from one of the old Wizards of the Coast Star Wars games.
Very cool Autocratik logo custom dice thanks to
Day five of #RPGaDAY for 2019 is "SPACE" - I was thinking about talking about spacey games, but I figured I do a lot of that anyway. Never really been as into Fantasy games, but sci-fi? That's me all the way. After all, the first RPG I bought was Star Frontiers.

Anyway, I talked to Debs about this, and she suggested that I talk about the space in which we play. I used to game around a table all the time. At Pete's and Milo's, we always had a big table to play around, and when we moved to the bungalow in my home town we took over the spare room with a big dining table that used to come out whenever we played.

But after a break, and when I started gaming again after moving to go to University, we found that we'd play anywhere. Some of our best games (the old Kult and Mage games) were spent just sitting on the floor of our bedsit on piles of cushions. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, those were some of the scariest and tensest games I've been involved in. Great stuff.

Now, in fact tonight even, we'll be playing in a relaxed atmosphere again - sat on the sofas, small table in front of us for dice rolling, with the GM on a little computer screen Skypeing from miles away.

The point of this is you can play anywhere. Just need to know the rules, have some dice if you need them. On a train, sitting in the park. Anywhere you feel comfortable playing. Looking at Invisible Sun (a game I'd love to read but could never afford) there are even elements that encourage playing away from the table, sitting in a cafe or something.

Get out there and play!!

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