Thursday, August 4, 2022

#RPGaDay2022 - Day 4: Where would you host a First Game?


Day Four of #RPGaDay2022 and the big question kinda follows on from the previous ones. We've asked who you'd like to introduce to RPGs, and what game would be a great choice. So now the question is 'Where would you host a first game?'

So you're all set, wanting to host this new game to show off to make a good impression for a first game. Where do you host it? 

Easy answer for that is wherever you're all comfortable and at ease. You could set the scene in a grand hall or a castle, with an epic table of minis, with candles and cool music, but it's not really necessary. The best thing I'd suggest is somewhere comfy, with few distractions, plenty of snacks. Heck, these days it doesn't even have to be in the same room as the other players!

My first game was at a friend's house on their dining room table. Most of our games were like that, at our houses around respective dining room tables. Some of the best times ever. But some of the coolest and most epic games I've had haven't even had that. One of the scariest Kult games was just in a little bedsit without even a single chair, while some of the most epic Star Wars games I've had have been mostly online with players in their own respective houses.

Just play wherever you like, and have fun. The more at ease and involved your prospective new players are, the more they'll enjoy it. 


Ricardo said...

I guess this was an easy answer, to which I have to say: Samezies! :D
The game can be set in an epic, awesome place, which we can all imagine but to play it we need to be somewhere where we can be comfortable and focus on it.

My first games were at a friend's house where they had this big wooden dining table, which was actually kind of on-theme for D&D. That stood in a side room with an upright piano on the back... So nice.

Dunromin University Press said...

The locations we used to play in are closely linked to my recollections of the games. Inhabiting a consistent location helps you to emmerse yourself too I think. Of course your back room at Stanley Ave., Wakey's Dining Room table, our Drawing Room (how posh!), then when I was at Poly it was my mate Taff's house or my bedroom (seven sweaty youths crowded into a space with one chair and a bed. It wasn't a big room either). In Reading we used to play in a pub called the Hor of Plenty (more usually just "The Horn"). Before I got married my house in Kimberley was the perfect place for playing; loads of room, remote control stereo and two sofas. I think that was my favourite venue...