Wednesday, August 10, 2022

#RPGaDay2022 - Day 10: When Did you Start Gamemastering?


Day Ten of #RPGaDay2022 is 'When did you start Gamemastering?' and that was kinda answered in yesterday's question. My first GMing was the awesomeness that was original Star Frontiers. So the "When" answer is probably around 1983. I wasn't a great Gamemaster - I don't think I am now either. I think I peaked in the mid 90's with Kult. But I had a blast GMing Star Frontiers, and then I went on to things like TSR's Indiana Jones, WEG's Ghostbusters, WEG's Star Wars, Victory Games' James Bond (you can tell a trend there).

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Smileymiler said...

You're obviously fishing for a compliment here so "yes, Dave, you were a great DM. There I said it. Can I go now?"
Seriously, your Star Frontiers was great fun. We laughed so long and hard soooo many times. So many timeless moments like the "I'm there" button, Bragi and his forty foot neon sign that said "if you can read this you're in range", and so on. How many lifts did we have fights in and around? Whatever film we watched at the Friday afternoon video at your house we could guarantee ideas from it would be in the game on Sunday.
Ghostbustets was great fun too but Indianna Jones was a scream. We had the maddest bunch of loonies mismatched into a team and just kicked the crap out of everything. I have no idea if we ever recovered any archaeology...
Then we did the pbm stuff with Vampire and then Kult. That was much more cerebral with us all being separate and working on our own story arcs. I loved mine, even though I died before my world destruction plan came to fruition. Marvellous.
They were all brilliant. Engaging, imaginative and fun ; exactly as a game should be. And you let us do and play how we wanted. You accommodated every made plan and we played along to every crazy new setting and equipment you came up with. Looking back, in Star Frontiers there wasn't much plot or story arc, and the challenge came from bigger numbers, but it was fantastic fun, and that's what we remember...