Friday, August 12, 2022

#RPGaDay2022 - Day 12: Why did you start RPGing?


Day Twelve of #RPGaDay2022 asks an odd question - Why did you start RPGing? 

I guess the answer to that one is fairly simple. I was obsessed with Star Wars and science fiction in general. My first RPG was Traveller, and while it wasn't the Star Wars that I loved, it was as close as I could get for a while. I enjoyed D&D and Runequest, I loved the company - having a growing group of friends that I'm still in contact with (and still gaming with) today. And then along came Star Frontiers, which was even more Star Wars-y than Traveller, and I was hooked. 

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Ricardo said...

For me I think it was because RPGs would allow me to realize, in a way, some fantasies and ideas. There were few limits to what we could do and be.

That was truly compelling.

I did start GMing, though, and like I said somewhere else, the thrill in that was to see people explore and interact with places and things that I had merely imagined, written down on a sheet of paper the day before. To see them try to figure out what had happened before they got there.

RPGs were like the ultimate game.