Saturday, August 21, 2021

#RPGaDAY2021 - Day 19: THEME

 Day 19 of #RPGaDAY and the prompt is THEME. I don't know if I have a recurring theme in my games though you could say that I like to write games without too much death in them if at all possible. I know, it's weird, but I was working on Conspiracy X, got all of that done, and the plan was to go onto Extinction - and this was just after my mother had died. All the background of the mass death and destruction as the Saurians returned to Earth and invaded... well, it was all a bit much for me, so I had to walk away from that project. Shame, it will be good whoever takes CJ Carella's vision to a finished product, but it's a bit bleak for me. 

Possibly why I enjoyed playing Tales from the Loop so much, and why I'm keen to make a Harry Potter-esque game. Sure there can be death in these games, but you're not just wandering around slaying monsters. And after the last year or so, there has certainly been too many unnecessary deaths in the world.

Okay, what's next? STORM. I have no idea. Storms really don't appear too many times in any games I've played. 

What's my STYLE? When it comes to writing I guess I try to keep things in a fairly light and easy to read style. Influenced highly by those early days reading Ghostbusters, and fuelled by CJ's writing for Buffy. If it's going to be fun to play, it should be fun to read. 

And finally, PATRON. nope... I don't think we've had many patrons in our games. I mean, there's one in the new D&D game we're playing, but that's about it...

Best progress onto the next one!! I will catch up! 

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