Saturday, August 21, 2021

#RPGaDAY2021 - Day 17: (it's a TRAP!)

A little late, but here goes with Day 17 of this year's #RPGaDAY. 

TRAP: Heck I was never very good at navigating traps in the old days of D&D. I remember I used to pull the levers and trip the traps all the time. However, I do remember the funniest one was us heading into a castle and one of the characters spotted a loose paving slab on the way to the main gates. We spent hours of actual time, not just game time, pondering over what this slab activated, and discovered when you applied pressure, a liquid shot up out of the ground, which we were convinced was poison or acid. Of course, it wasn't, just a loose slab and rain water had got under it, just like they do in the street.

CRIME: Haven't really had much to do with 'crime' themed RPGs, though we did play Judge Dredd for a bit (the old Games Workshop RPG in the 80s that is). They did a great line of RPGs that were nicely produced and about the size and thickness of a Christmas annual - like Judge Dredd, and their version of Runequest. Not a bad price either. Anyway, Dredd was fun. We played it very much like NYPD Blue. Didn't play much of it though.

NEMESIS: Our greatest nemesis in our RPGs (sorry Stoo, it's not Inquisitor Vane in our latest Star Wars campaign), had to be the one from our old Call of Cthulhu campaign. He was based on our Geology teacher from school (who I'm convinced had it in for me) but he quickly became a servant of the old ones, and gained mouths in the palms of his hands. He kept turning up when we least expected it, and really became a brilliant foil to our characters.

And finally, FOUND. I have no idea for this one! And I've about five days to catch up on! Onwards and upwards!


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