Saturday, August 21, 2021

#RPGaDAY2021 - Day 18: WRITE

 Day 18 of #RPGaDAY this year, and the prompt is WRITE. It weird, because I always wanted to tell stories, but I had that duality of wanting to write tabletop roleplaying games, and producing comics. I drew some pretty bad comics while I was at school and in the sixth form, mostly inspired by reading The Travellers in White Dwarf and thinking that our Star Frontiers campaign would make a great comic strip. 

Then I tried writing RPGs, submitting manuscripts to WEG for their Ghostbusters and Price of Freedom games. Then went back to trying to draw comics, evolving those comedic adventures into gritty vigilante and government agents with a couple of others from our gaming group, mostly inspired by the sudden gritty realism of The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen. Which eventually lead to me publishing my own comics as Autocratik Press, which lead to me talking to Eden Studios about a Conspiracy X comic, which lead to me writing and developing RPGs with Eden...

They always seem to be running in tandem. Who knows, maybe comics are going to rear their heads again soon...

DUEL: I guess this is more of a question - what RPGs have good mechanics for duels? I remember the old Highlander card game was quite cool with the way it was basically a swordfight as a card game. I don't know if there are any good games out there with cool duelling rules? Pendragon for tournaments maybe? 

Pendragon leads me on to HONOUR. I must admit, I've never played Pendragon and would kinda like to. I know there's a new edition of it supposedly happening this year, which I may have to check out.

And again, I'm running on empty for Rival. Never really had a rival in our games, definitely a Nemesis (see yesterday).

Okay... time to catch up with tomorrow's!!!

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