Tuesday, August 11, 2020


I knew this would happen. I've a big writing project on (or three) and I just don't have the time to put the effort into #RPGaDAY that it deserves. I'm really sorry. Anyway, I can't concentrate on the writing just yet, as I sit at home waiting my phone appointment with my therapist. (Always hate that hour or so before a scheduled phonecall where you're all antsy and just can't settle until it's over) So this seems like the perfect opportunity to try my best to catch up.

Day Five was TRIBUTE, and if I could pay tribute to anyone it would be to a whole host of people. First of all to Anthony Boyd (aka Runeslinger) who, for the last five years, has stepped in to do most of the heavy lifting for #RPGaDAY when I've been too busy. Without his help #RPGaDAY would have faltered by the wayside many, many years ago. Thank you! Also, thanks to my gaming groups for keeping me playing, and for getting me started all those years ago. 

Day Six was FOREST. I love forests. Almost as much as I love the sea. My fondest memory of my childhood was a holiday we had in the borders of Scotland with my parents, in a little cottage in the middle of a forest. I could let my imagination run wild and pretend to be anything I wanted to be (though at that time, all I really wanted to be was Luke Skywalker). I reminds me that you don't need masses of technology or props to let your imagination take you to any place in the universe. Tabletop gaming does that brilliantly. With just a rulebook and a couple of dice you can be transported to places you can only dream about, and experience adventures that can surprise you.

Day Seven was COUPLE, and again I have to thank tabletop RPGs for introducing me to my wife. I met Debs at university, but started socialising with her through tabletop gaming. It was all Vampire: The Masquerade's fault...

Days Eight and Nine were SHADE and LIGHT. I must admit, I've always played Light characters. Horribly good. Sickening really. I just can't play the darker elements. When we started to play FFG's Star Wars RPG a few years ago, I statted up a cool Zabrak character because I really liked Darth Maul. We were playing apprentice Jedi, and my character was very dark-side but wanting to turn to the light through his training and renounce the dark. In the end he became a veritable paragon of the light, even influencing the events after he'd sacrificed himself to save the others through the power of the Force. 

Day Ten, and I've nearly caught up. Day Ten was WANT. If I could have anything regarding tabletop RPGs it would be to earn enough writing them to quit the dayjob. I can want this all I like, but it isn't going to happen. Especially the speed I write and my messed up brain. 

Which brings us up to date and today's prompt is STACK. I'm in a really lucky situation where I have stacks of things I should be writing. Two of which are achingly close to completion. I really have been lucky to get to be in such a situation. 

Right, I'm sorry they were a bit brief, and not very well thought out. I'm always amazed and happy to see that so many people are joining in again this year. Thank you for getting involved and spreading the word. 

In these difficult times, stay safe, and stay multiclassy.

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