Sunday, August 2, 2020


Day Two of #RPGaDAY2020 is the word "Change", and I've decided to take that as a quick look at the change in my gaming tastes. It's weird, but recently I've gone back to playing 1st edition AD&D, back with my old D&D group from many, many years ago - the same group that introduced me to gaming back in the mid 80s. 

Looking through the rulebook I have to admit a complete change in my tastes. I love the way that games have become works of art, with amazing illustrations and design. They've become simpler, and faster. Quick to pick up, especially for new players, and leave you free to enjoy the storylines and the drama rather than having to constantly flick through dozens and dozens of rulebooks. 

Probably why my favourite games of all time (Ghostbusters, WEG Star Wars, Buffy, Tales from the Loop) are all super fast and quick to learn. 

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Anonymous said...

I think the old books have a charm in their amateur style too. The 1st ed phb and dmg are always popping up on web pages and inspiring people to reminisce but they also have a kind of stylish kitsch to them too. I also love the smell of the glue...
And we started in the early 80s by the way, me at my house and Moogs with d&d and you at Wakeys. Star Frontiers at yours was fantastic but my favourite was your Star Wars. Marvellous times...