Thursday, August 16, 2018

#RPGaDAY2018 - DAY 16: Describe your plans for your next game.

Day sixteen of #RPGaDAY2018 asks "Describe your plans for your next game". I guess I'm lucky to be in a position that this can relate to two different things. One, the game we're planning on playing next as our Tales From The Loop game concluded this week, and the other the game I'm working on.

Actually playing, that'd be Star Wars. We had such a blast with Star Wars (FFG) last time with a two year long campaign that spanned the Clone Wars through to the formation of the Rebellion, that we felt we had to go back to that Galaxy far, far away. From what I can tell our next game is one of survival - a crashed ship on a desolate and uncharted world. I've an idea for my character, doing something a little different from my twin lightsaber swinging Zabrak from before. Really looking forward to it.

As for what I'm working on, I'm still working on WILD. It's been many years, but what started out as a game heavily inspired by Inception, Dreamscape and Elm St, it has evolved to become something huge.

At its core it is still a game about dreamshare technology and the unlimited worlds of dreams, but it now has real world plots, Lynchian elements, secret research programs, investigations and the strange. It is evolving and growing, sometimes faster than I can keep up with.

I've rewritten and redeveloped the core of it many times, and now it really is something I'm starting to feel happy with. And at the beginning of the year I had a moment of revelation of how the books will be structured - the parallels of background, rules and illustrations flowing together in echoing narratives.

I'm hoping to have mocked up the first couple of chapters before the end of the year to show the concept and execution. Maybe I can show it to people, get someone to help with a Kickstarter or something. It'd be the motivation I need to get it completed.

One day...

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