Wednesday, August 15, 2018

#RPGaDAY2018 - DAY 15: Describe a Tricky RPG experience you enjoyed.

Day fifteen of #RPGaDAY2018 is another remixed question. Taking the original question from August 22nd 2017 of "Which RPGs are easiest to run for you?", Christophe who hosts the Youtube channel Pilule Rouge JdR suggested flipping that question around while still keeping it positive - to produce "Which RPGs do you enjoy running even if they are difficult for you?"

Great question, Christophe, and Anthony took that suggestion and opened it wider so it wasn't asking for RPGs, but a particular RPG experience.

So today's question, with many thanks to Christophe, is "Describe a tricky RPG experience that you enjoyed". Please go check out the Pilule Rouge JdR Youtube channel, and subscribe.


There are times when the group gets a little carried away - lost in the moment. It's understandable. Our games have shifted from being all about action and violence to being often quite intense games of story and emotion. Sure, we still have our times of hilarity, and we come up with some stupid plots - but a recent game of Tales From The Loop had us all feeling a little uncomfortable as we found ourselves lost in a shared version of our unconscious. We helped the villain of the story - not battling him in combat, but helping him resolve his issues of a violent family. While doing so, we were exposed to elements from our own characters' unconscious - my character had to relive the car crash that killed his mother, another discovered a sister they had that had died at a young age that they'd forgotten about, while the last had to deal with their feelings of being ignored by the rest of their family.

It was pretty intense, emotional and a little unsettling, but it really made me feel like we were telling a great story. The stakes were high, and without such emotional resonance we wouldn't feel as attached to our characters or as engaged in the story we're telling.

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