Sunday, January 29, 2023

Different Year, Same Anxieties


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There's a strange thing that happens with the start of a new year - you have that feeling that something is going to have to change. It's a new year - new you, and all that. Last year may have been a disaster, but this year, this is the year it all changes. The start of the new year is filled with hope and optimism, and by the time you get to the end of January there's the massive slump.

And that's something I'm feeling right now. All that hope of the new year has dwindled, and now I'm in a right funk as they say. And not the good kind. 

I still have hopes for this year, they just seem almost impossibly far away. 

So much I want to do both work wise, and in my spare time, but sometimes it feels like walking through molasses and my free days and evenings I'm just struggling to even get out of bed. 

Maybe it's just the way my brain works. There have been a couple of times over the last four or five years that I've signed up for mindfulness courses (through our wonderful NHS) and seminars on overcoming stress and anxiety. Luckily I still have the mp3s of the mindfulness sessions. Maybe that'll mean I can get to sleep before 2am, rather than spending a couple of hours staring at the ceiling wondering if I could have done something differently or said something that would have changed things.

So much for weekly blogposts, eh? 

Maybe next month...

Until then, keep safe, and look after yourselves and yours. 

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HexEdge said...

The first month of each year is the toughest, we all have that new year new start mentally. In reality the only things that really changes is the dates, numbers on a calendar, in truth January holds nothing more magical than any of the other 11 months of the year.
You have people who love you for who you are and will support you whatever you do big or small.
Overcoming stress and anxiety is a daily battle, keep fighting let the bad days go try not to dwell on them and enjoy the good times/days.
Stay safe, Hugs virtual untill I next see you.