Friday, March 20, 2020

[Roll Your Own Life] The Music That Shaped Me (part 14)

Bush - Sixteen Stone (1994)

Just a quickie today. I remember there was a big deal about Metallica's new album, Load, and the local Virgin Megastore (remember those?) was doing a midnight launch for it - this must have been summer 1996. Being a big Metallica fan, I dragged Debs to the launch night (there were no freebies) and we queued up to get Metallica's newest release.

While queuing, Debs picked up Bush's first album, Sixteen Stone. We were still watching a lot of MTV2, and despite the album being out for a couple of years we'd not really heard of them until they started showing the video for Machinehead that summer. I quite liked the single, and I remember the video for Glycerine being shown late one night too. So we bought the album, thought we'd give it a go.

Over the next couple of days we gave both albums a listen, and despite us going to the midnight launch for Metallica, the Bush album got more play. Just a really cool album, and just as we were getting into it (as we were late to the party) we were only a couple of months away from their follow-up, Razorblade Suitcase. While Swallowed was the big hit from that album, Debs absolutely loved the falling angels video for Greedy Fly.

Those first two albums are fantastic, and still get a lot of play here.

Great stuff!!

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