Friday, March 13, 2020

[Roll Your Own Life] The Music That Shaped Me (Part 10)

Faith No More - The Real Thing (1989)

I mentioned in the last post that my art college friends in Hull were very supportive and introduced me to some great music. Besides keeping me sane by introducing me to the wonders of Curve, there were a couple of other albums that had a big impact at art college.

The first was Faith No More's second album, The Real Thing. I had their first, Introduce Yourself, as I really liked We Care A Lot, but it wasn't until Mike Patton took over vocals that Faith No More really became EPIC.

Gareth introduced me to The Real Thing, and it was our "album of the year" the first year we were at art college. We played it to death.

Crazy bonkers fusion of rap, metal, funk, and everything else they could throw at it. And still a great album.

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