Thursday, July 30, 2015

Standby For Rejection!

...anything can happen in the next 31 days...

August is a crazy month. There's all the excitement of Gen Con Indy happening at the beginning of the month, when the new games are announced, and just about every game designer (except me) on the planet descends upon Indianapolis.

There's also #RPGaDAY2015, where I've tried to get the internet talking in a positive way about roleplaying... this blog, and my Youtube channel, will be filled with my daily posts corresponding with the questions from the image...

On top of all that, the boss from my dayjob is on holiday, so I'll be pulling extra hours and long shifts to cover.

And finally, because I'm completely insane, I'm going to submit my novel to a publisher...

Never done it before, so it'll be a new experience for me, and I'm prepared for rejection. While I've written loads of RPG books, and worked on many RPG titles, I've never had any fiction published, nor really attempted any long form fiction. I am expecting the "please, never send this to us again" response, and the "please, never write fiction".

The novel is based on the background for the WILD RPG, something I NaNoWriMo'd a few years ago, and I've been rewriting, reworking and editing since. We'll see... I'm not really expecting a positive response.

Meanwhile, it's just a couple of days before #RPGaDAY2015 starts... so I'll post again then.

Until then, stay multiclassy!!

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