Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#RPGaDAY2015 This August - It is Happening Again!

Last year I had this bizarre idea. Inspired by taking part in one of those "Hashtag-a-thons" about books, I wanted to do something for tabletop roleplaying games, to spread the love of our hobby and what we enjoy about it. And, maybe, find some new friends online who share our interests.

So, with the help of the awesome Will Brooks who provided the design for the question image, I set about launching #RPGaDAY. I figured a couple of people I knew through roleplaying design would take part, and I was blown away by how many people actually joined in. RPGaDAY spread far and wide, throughout Europe, the US, Australia and Brazil. I was stunned!

When it was all over, the only question that remained would be - shall we do it again next year?

That time has come, and so why not? Let's give it another try!

The new questions can be found above, and every day in August we'll take the corresponding question and post our responses online using the tag: #RPGaDAY2015

I made a little video to explain it all...

This year, it'll not just be me talking at you for a month - I've managed to recruit some far more interesting and awesome people to help out and join in. Please subscribe and keep up with the news!

So please, spread the word, and join in celebrating all that is cool about RPGs.

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