Friday, February 20, 2015

Pleasant Dreams and WILD cards

Sorry it's been very quiet on here for a while, but this year has not been brilliant so far.

Things being the way they are, this is possibly my last video for a while. I promised I'd look at the awesome Kickstarted card game Pleasant Dreams by Aerjen Games. It's a beautifully produced little game where players try to remain happily asleep and fight off the horrific nastiness that can plague a good night's sleep.

You can purchase the game direct from their website.

On the subject of cards, I've been tinkering with using the Tarot as the main mechanic rather than using dice. The second half of the video looks at some of the ways the cards may work. They're still roughs, and I'm still not sure if they work (or if they're anywhere near as quick as using dice), but I'm pondering.

Well, that's it. Next blog post will probably be more text than not, but in the meantime be good to each other, and stay multiclassy.


Fern Kali said...

Pleasant Dreams looks very pretty.

I love cards for character gen: it's something I love about Deadlands. I think the ones you've created look interesting, which means I would enjoy using them in game. I love the idea of forcing more narrative play through the cards. I reminds me a little of a game called 'Ninja Burger'. I only played it once, but the idea was that you were ninjas who delivered takeaway. Much like Munchkin, you could pick up equipment cards to improve your stats, but if you wanted to use an item, you had to justify it. So maybe your mission is to deliver pizza top the top floor of a skyscraper and you have a car which boosts your speed. You could tell a take off using the nearby motorway to build up your speed enough that you can drive up the side of the building to make your delivery. It's a silky game, but great for imagination. I think using the cards in WILD the way you describe could achieve something similarly exciting but more serious.

David F. Chapman said...

Phew, thank you! Awesome feedback as always. Just nice to think I'm heading in an interesting direction.

Thanks again!!