Friday, January 16, 2015

A World of Infinite Possibilities

I had this moment of revelation over the Christmas holidays, and it was all about Disney. Playing Disney Infinity 2.0 with the lovely wifey, I was struck by how similar the skill trees for the characters, gaining extra "feats" when they "levelled up", looked to the skill trees for the Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPGs... in fact, like most RPGs that use skill trees dating right back to the first one I can think of, which was the old Games Workshop UK reprint of Paranoia.

It got me thinking of the reverse too... how a tabletop RPG based on Disney as a whole could work, with supplements that would allow you to play in all of the Disney properties, from Frozen and Brave, to Pirates of the Caribbean, to Tron, to Marvel and even Star Wars...

I made a video talking about my theories... please watch, share and comment!!

Until next time, stay multi-classy!!

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