Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Trying to Be Positive

I said I wasn't going to do a blog post this week, as it's another tough one, but sitting at home, nothing good on TV, with just the cat for company, I really just needed to get into the swing of writing again...  this seemed like a good tool to get started.

I may be too tired for this, just spent over nine hours driving back to my old hometown for the burial of my mum's ashes at the "family plot" with my dad and grandfather. Exhausting, emotional, draining, but I couldn't have missed going. I'd have never forgiven myself.

Wife's flying at the moment, just about to enter Australian airspace on her first flight, leaving me home with a particularly grumpy cat, the trial month of Netflix (not finding much on there) and the sounds of powersanding/drilling echoing from next door depriving me of any sleep I could be having. You call it sleep, I call it research.

Not a lot to discuss at the moment. On the subject of dreaming and sleep, my other blog that's being used to record real dreams for use in my latest project is building. Check it out at WILD Dreaming to see what's there, and there's a link/email to submit your strangest dreams for inclusion on the site.

The game's progressing, and I know what I want the design/art to look like, so it's really just a case of getting started.

Meanwhile, I treated myself to a couple of t-shirts. I know, it sounds trivial, and bizarre that they are both the same, but the cool guys at Norwich Screen Art did an awesome job of them. Thanks guys! Handy in case I do any video things...  still pondering that (as you can imagine, my head's not in the right place to film anything).

And that's it. Sorry it's a dull one, but I'll try to continue my epic tale of game writing next time when I'm a little more awake.

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