Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dream Journaling

Just a little extra post about Dream Journals. 

When I started working on Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space I had a core group of genius people who helped bash the game system I'd worked on into shape. It's no surprise that when I started working on WILD, I called upon some of them to fire some of the stranger ideas I'd been having for the game system at to see what they thought. As always, they've been an awesome help. 

One of these particular gaming gurus echoed a thought I'd been having about having a site that would compile real dreams that could be used to inspire adventures, encounters, and the just plain bonkers happenings that can occur in dreams for their games. Inspired by his suggestion, I've set it up. There's not much on there yet, but if you head over to WILD DREAMING you can see the start of it. In the future, I hope that players, DreamMasters and just those interested can submit actual dreams to me and I'll write a little bit to give DreamMasters some ideas to use in their games. There is a dedicated email address for this In the meantime, I'll keep adding some of my own weird dreams, and the dreams of people I know, to get things going.

If you'd like to submit one, do bear in mind that it'll be completely anonymous, the names should be removed before you even send them to me, just use a single initial if you like. And also bear in mind that not only will it be put on the website, but I may include some of the cooler ones in the main rulebook when it surfaces.

Above all, don't try to make things up. Keep them real - dreams are usually stranger and more bizarre than anything you could make up. Just eat a banana before you go to sleep, keep a notebook and pen handy, and get dreaming.

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