Tuesday, August 1, 2023

#RPGaDAY2023 - DAY ONE: FIRST RPG played (this year)


It's RPGaDAY time again, and I pondered long and hard about whether I was going to do videos or text based entries this year - especially as it's the 10th one of these we've done. I charged the camera, dug out the tripod, and looked at my unappealing mug and thought maybe I'll just do this as text. I may change my mind as the month goes on, but I'm having one of those low days so we'll just make do with a blogpost this time. Okay? I'm sorry.

The point of this year's questions is to look back at the answers from the first RPGaDAY (if you took part) and see if things have changed. 

DAY ONE - FIRST RPG played (this year)

I put the 'this year' bit on the end just in case you took part in the first RPGaDAY, as the answer to the first RPG you played won't have changed (unless you've suddenly remembered one you'd forgotten about).

My response to the first one ever was Traveller, you can check out my recounting of the tale in that video from all those years ago - 

Look at that gormless face. 

Anyway, as I've already answered the question for the First RPG I've ever played, then it's going to be the first RPG I played this year. Missing out by a day would be Hard Wired Island, a rather massive book of cyberpunk goodness from Weird Age Games that had us chuckling. Our characters were investigating some vandalism on the weird orbital station. It was pretty cool - I played a grumpy ex-military gumshoe. Really must get back to playing that, it was really cool. Lots of cool tech, a great setting, and not a horribly complex system. Definitely check it out.

The actual first game I played this year would probably be our The One Ring game that we'd been playing.  Kept getting killed - that was a strangely brutal system. Half of the time you could be epic, just like the heroes in The Lord of the Rings, fighting of massive armies of orcs, and then, a couple of bad rolls later, and the whole party would be wiped out. 


Smileymiler said...

10 years on and you don't look any older! Still your cherubic face gazing out of the screen with that vaguely bemused look on it that we all know so well - or was that just around me? Anyway, a great little trip down memory lane. And has made me wonder, just why is it some people call our esteemed logistics guru JR and some call him Ribes. Or is it just me that calls him Ribes?

As for you not saying much during your first game, TBH you don't say much anyway...?

Well done on surviving 10 years!
Milo. xxx

David F. Chapman said...

Ha! That's why I posted a 10 year old video, so I don't look as ancient!

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Fantastic. I have participated in a lot of these so really looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say. Mine will be up soon.