Sunday, July 18, 2021

Not So Free on 'Freedom Day'


I'm probably going to get a lot of flack for writing this, but here goes. 

Tomorrow is what the Government in the UK is calling 'Freedom Day', where all of the previous restrictions - social distancing, wearing masks, limiting numbers - is dropped in a hope that the massive vaccination scheme will pay off and everyone will just be 'alright' with COVID-19.

Since the first news of it reaching the UK back at the end of 2019 I've been concerned. Absolutely terrified, in fact. 

I was working at the shop in retail, out in the public, and spent every moment wearing a mask, keeping my distance, using hand sanitiser and washing my hands frequently. Refusing to buy take away food, decontaminating my groceries. 

When the various Lockdowns happened I ventured out of the house maybe once a week to get essential shopping, getting groceries delivered to the door, wiping them all down with disinfectant.

I'm vaccinated, both doses, as is my wife, but I still get nervous going to the post office or getting too close to people on my daily walk around the block. I don't know how I'd cope being back in retail, so many thanks to my new employer letting me work from home. Back when I was in retail last year I ended up in counselling because I was so anxious and stressed by being out in public and having to interact with customers. I honestly don't know how my old work colleagues at the shop have managed to keep going through this.

And now, it looks like Freedom Day is upon us and everyone can do whatever they want. The gormless prime minister says people will use their common sense. The same common sense that saw people sticking smoke flares up their arses at the football last weekend.

Don't mind me, I'll still be wearing my mask. I'll still be keeping my distance. I'll still stay home as much as I can. Gambling with lives just to maintain the economy. Relaxing restrictions so the MPs can have more affairs whereas I haven't even hugged my friends in 18-months. 

There we go, rant over. Sorry it's not gaming related, but that'll all change in a couple of weeks when #RPGaDAY returns. 

In the meantime, stay safe everyone. Look after yourselves.

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