Sunday, June 27, 2021

Announcing #RPGaDAY2021 in August


It's that time again! 

Every August for the last few years I've teamed up with Anthony Boyd (Runeslinger) to host #RPGaDAY, an initiative to try to get people worldwide to take a few minutes out of each day to talk about tabletop roleplaying games in a positive way. 

Now, in its EIGHTH year (can you believe it?) we're back again to host #RPGaDAY2021

We've had long questions each day, we've had single words, we've had maps, hexboards, and this year we're reducing #RPGaDAY down to its elements.

We're back to basics, and this time I haven't asked Will Brooks do to the graphics (and you can tell, it's not as professional) - sorry Will - but I've already got him working on plenty of other things...

Each day in August - remember, AUGUST - look at the prompt for that day and use it to inspire a blog post, a video, a podcast, or just a tweet or social media post, that gets the RPG community talking in a positive way. Remember, keep it positive.

As with previous years we've posted the prompts a month early so those of you who record videos or podcasts can get started in advance so it's not a heap of pressure in August itself.

This year, just in case you want to either shake things up, or if you can't think of anything for that day's prompt, most of the days have some alternatives listed. Pick one of the alternatives, or roll a die (how about a D8 as it's the eighth year and halve it) and go with whatever the result points you to. Just remember to tag everything #RPGaDAY2021 so we can see it.

As always, I'll post any translations that are done by people in the gaming community below. 

German Translation - with many thanks to Michael L. Jaegers (copyable text in the comments)

French Translation - with many thanks to Van Quoc Vinh aka Dragonelvish (copyable text in the comments)

Spanish Translation
- with many thanks to Roberto Micheri

Polish Translation - with many thanks to Maciej Jesionowski

Portuguese (BR) translation by Richard ‘Bat’ Brewster and Eric Souza - thank you!

Also, for those of you who want to do videos, podcasts, or blogposts, I've done individual graphics for each day. Feel free to copy them and use them for whatever you need.

Okay, I'm going to go back to my chronological rewatch of the MCU. 

Stay safe everyone, and stay multiclassy.


Michael L Jaegers said...

German language:

1 Szenario
2 Karte Sinne, Planen, Stimmen
3 Taktik Risiko, Unterstützung, Bild
4 Waffen Suche, Belohnung, Figur
5 Thron Spielen, Inklusion, Gemeinschaft
6 Geschmack Verfolgen, Erkunden, Pfad
7 Klein Inspiration, besser, Einbringen
8 Stream / Strom
9 Medium Rolle, Emotionen, Prozente
10 Vertrauen Bewusstsein, Licht, Vorteil
11 Wildniss Hören, schwer, Einsamkeit
12 Gedanken Konsens, Tiefe, Triumpf
13 Fluss Improvisieren, Verhängnis, Pool
14 Sicherheit Grenzen, Spaß, das Moment
15 Erweiterung
16 Bewegung Tribut, Bösewicht, Unhold
17 Falle Verbrechen, Nemesis, Fund
18 Schreiben Duell, Ehre, Rivale
19 Thema Sturm, Stil, Unterstützer
20 Grundlage Frieden, Abstammung, Verbündete
21 Einfachheit Herausforderung, Furcht, Motiv
22 Ersatz
23 Erinnerungen Innovation, schnell, Überraschung
24 Übersetzung Teilen, antik, lösen
25 Willkommen Tradition, neu, Kiste
26 Theorie Spiel, Herkunft, Erneuerung
27 Fraktion Praxis, Kindle, Gruppe
28 Alleine Traum, Öffnen, Eintauchen
29 System
30 Erwähnung
31 Dank

David F. Chapman said...

Thank you! That's brilliant. I'll get that added as soon as possible.

Van Quoc Vinh alias Dragonelvish said...

French version
If credit is needed, Van Quoc Vinh aka Dragonelvish

1 Scénario
2 Carte Sens Plan Voix
3 Tactique Risque Support Image
4 Arme Chercher/Recherche Récompense Figure
5 Trône Parier Inclure Communauté
6 Saveur Chasse/Poursuite Explorer Chemin/Parcours
7 Petit Inspiration Mieux/Meilleur Impliquer
8 Stream/Ruisseau/Torrent
9 Médium Rôle Émotion Pourcentage
10 Confiance Conscience Lumière Avantage
11 Nature sauvage; Écoute; Lourd; Désespoir
12 Penser Consensus Profond Triomphe
13 Inondation/Déluge Improvisation Perte/Ruine Bassin/Cagnotte
14 Sécurité/Sûreté Limite Plaisir Momentum
15 Supplément
16 Déplacer Tribut Vilain Démon
17 Trappe Crime Némésis Trouver
18 Écrire Duel Honneur Rival
19 Theme Tempête Style Client/Mécène
20 Fondation Paix Lignée Allié-e-s
21 Simplicité Challenge Peur Motif/Motivation
22 Substitut
23 Mémoire Innovation Rapide/Bref/Vif Surprise
24 Traduction Partager Ancien Résoudre
25 Bienvenue Tradition Frais Boîte
26 Théorie Jouer Origine Renouveler
27 Fraction Pratiquer Susciter Groupe
28 Solo Rêve Ouvert Creuser/Fouiller
29 Système
30 Mention
31 Merci

David F. Chapman said...

Fantastic, thank you!!

Ryan—Aqualith Media said...

Excellent! Looking forward to diving in again this year.

Punch said...

Great stuff! This will be an integral part of creative august this year. A small request though; is it possible to share the infographic originals in a zip or similar? This for ease of editing for localization or choosen keyword for the day.

Thank you for the initiative!

Ryan—Aqualith Media said...

Compiled all the graphics (including translations) into a single zip file. I'll try to update if Autocratik adds any additional languages. Link will expire on Sept 1st.

Ricardo said...

Please tell me we'll see your videos this year, David!

David F. Chapman said...

I'll try, but I'm super-busy!! There will definitely be one at least!

Gonz said...

This is beyond amazing! I wish I knew about it earlier!