Tuesday, December 8, 2020

WILD Kickstarter - the Final Week


It's the final week of the WILD RPG Kickstarter, and I've been completely blown away by the response. Thank you, everyone, who has backed, encouraged, or shared the Kickstarter to spread the word of it far and wide. It is currently over double its intended goal, blasting past the important stretch goal to have fantastic original artwork by Gareth Sleightholme commissioned for the tarot deck, and for these cards to actually see print!!

These cards will be in the book as well, which was always an important part of the way the game works. All the rules and a reference resource for the cards all in the first book, which (once you've played through the simulation) can become effectively a 'player's handbook' as further books expand the way dreams work and delve deeper into the collective unconsciousness. These are more aimed at the DreamMaster.

The extra pages that have been unlocked in the Kickstarter are a great opportunity to explore further, and open up the game beyond the 'training dive simulation' - giving advice for the DreamMaster for how dreams work, dream stability, and what you can expect to do and experience within the dreamscapes.

With just five days to go on the Kickstarter, I'm stunned at how successful it has been, and thank you all again. I hope you enjoy it when it heads out to you in April 2021.

Until next blog post, stay safe everyone. It's crazy and scary out there, and if I had the choice I wouldn't leave the house - but the dayjob means I have to. 

Take care, stay safe, and stay multi-classy.

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