Thursday, September 17, 2020

System Update


Promotional image from Hickman's comic 'Feel Better Now'

It has not been a good year for many of us, and it has certainly taken its toll. I hope that #RPGaDAY proved to be a slight relief from the horrorshow that is our world at the moment. 

I realise, it has been a while since I updated the blog. There have been many reasons for this. Some good, some not so.

On the good side, I've been working hard on the new edition of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game. Hopefully there should be an announcement about that later this year, but I'm really happy with the way the game has evolved and developed, and regenerated into a faster version. I'm excited to see how it comes out. 

Front cover image of the WILD starter game by Qistina Khalidah

This has kinda meant that WILD has been a little delayed again. The main rules and abridged character creation are all done. Most of the game is ready, and laid out, I just need to finished the guide to the tarot cards which can be interpreted to create endless scenarios. The time consuming bit is drawing the cards!

There's another project I was asked to write as well, which I'd started but has had to be filed to the backburner until these commitments are met. Sorry!

All of this with a highly stressful dayjob where I spend most of my time worrying about my contact with the public - this has lead to counselling, and more CBT, in an attempt to avoid just freaking out, quitting, and hiding at home for the next two to three years. 

Is it working? Not sure yet, but I'll keep trying. 

In the meantime, stay safe everyone. Wear a mask. Protect others. Look after yourself and your friends and family.

May the Force be with you.

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