Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Chatting about Games

Yesterday I was kindly invited to chat on a fairly informal hangout on Twitch, chatting with Kalum from the Rolistes podcast. It was my first time talking live on a Twitch stream, but I think it went okay. You can watch the whole thing on Youtube - 

Anyway, during the video I talk about a lot of stuff. So I thought it would be best if I add links to the various things mentioned...

Star Trek Adventures - the RPG I was working on last time I talked to Kalum at Rolistes, which I had to drop out of. Check out the Modiphius page here.

#RPGaDAY - check out the Facebook page for RPGaDAY so you get the latest news and find out the prompts.

Doctor Who Roleplaying Game - what I'm working on at the moment can be found at the Cubicle 7 Games site.

WILD - The roleplaying game of dreamshare technology. You can check out the new site here

Qistina Khalidah - the fantastic artist who I'm so sorry I mispronounced on the chat - who did the amazing cover art for WILD. You can find Qistina at Qissus online, or the Artstation here

Aegean RPG - game of mythical Greece published by we evolve

The Gaslight Club RPG - game of Westworld like hosts by we evolve. 

Okay, take care everyone. 

Stay safe!!

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