Sunday, April 26, 2020

[Roll Your Own Life] The Comics That Shaped Me (Part 14)

MORNING GLORIES (2010-2016, hopefully more to come)

Finally, the last comic in my rundown of the fourteen comics that have had the biggest impact on my life we come to the most recent one on my list - Morning Glories.

It's a really odd one that flew under a lot of people's radars, and I always felt was ignored. So much so that back when I wrote for the UK SciFi Channel blog I wrote a big feature on Morning Glories and why it was one of the best comics that you're not reading.

Why was it ignored? I dunno. But it was brilliant.

Morning Glories follows a group of new students at the prestigious prep school, Morning Glory Academy. You quickly realise something is seriously wrong...

The students all have the same birthday. Communication with their families have been completely severed the moment they arrived, and communication to the outside world is not permitted.

The faculty staff are psychotic, threatening to drown the students, drugging them, locking them in the academy basement - but this could all be connected to the strange, spinning artefact in the basement.

The students are just as cryptic. Not exactly super-powered, one is out of phase with reality and haunting the corridors. Others have a talent or quirk that makes them different - one sees all clocks to read one single time, one seems to be psychic, another has a mysterious twin that may have gone missing.

When I first started reading it, there were a lot of comparisons to the TV series LOST, and that is very true - especially when another group of students are introduced towards the end of season 1 (as the first arc is called) known as the Truants. It all gets crazy, just like LOST, with time travel, mysterious secret societies, murder, and Hunger Games style sports day called "Woodrun".

I loved it. Bought all of the issues, and the big hardcover collections when they came out (still hoping for volume 4, Image, if you're reading this?)... then, at Issue 50, it went on hiatus. Summer Vacation was planned to continue the story beyond "season 2", but that was three years ago and we're only just getting hints that there may be some progress on it. I suppose when the writer and co-creator of the comic series hears the call of Marvel saying "come write the Avengers for us" you awesome and weird project about a bizarre school gets shelved for a bit.

I seriously hope it returns. I hope that someone like Netflix realises that it would make an amazing series, and interest in the comic is revived.


Well, that was the last of my posts about comics. I may have to go back and reread Morning Glories when I finish my complete read-through of Tintin that is occupying my bedtime routine at the moment.


I dunno. I have a big writing project that I should get on with, so I may continue these blog posts to get me started in the morning, but it may not be daily. I think it'll be movies next - but choosing just fourteen is going be very, very difficult.

Until then, stay safe.

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