Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Look out for the bald guy wearing this t-shirt!
It's less than a week until Dragonmeet in London. As I mentioned last post, this time last year I was frantically getting the pitch for my RPG, WILD, printed up and ready to give to a couple of publishers to see if they'd like to collaborate on a potential Kickstarter in the near future.

As I also mentioned last post, there was some interest but it has gone very quiet about it over the months and I need that drive - that "THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN" to keep me working on it. I've redesigned the game system, tested it, and it's going great. I just need that "THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN" to keep me motivated to get it finished.

Anyway - there are plans, and solutions. But we'll see.

The main reason for this post is Dragonmeet. It's this Saturday (30th November) at the Novotel Hotel in London. I hope to be there for a lot of the day, and take in the seminars that Cubicle 7 and Modiphius have planned in the afternoon, but the trains are being awkward (coach replacements for part of it - uggg). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it goes okay.

If you see me there - you can spot me easily, I'll be the bald guy wearing the black WILD t-shirt (see the photo at the top) - say hi! Remind me who you are if I look confused - I do talk to a lot of people online and rarely see them face to face, so I may be forgetful.

Say hello. Happy to talk about anything, so if you need a quick filler on your podcast or anything, just ask.

Above all, if you're going to Dragonmeet - have fun and stay safe.

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