Tuesday, July 19, 2016


A little while ago I announced that while I loved RPGaDAY and everything it stood for, I was simply too busy to do all the organisation, the promotion, the video filming, the editing, the daily posting, and so on.

Thankfully, RPGaDAY has been saved by Anthony Boyd and the RPGBrigade who have kindly stepped in to host RPGaDAY this year. Everything is explained in the video below:

Just like previous years, RPGaDAY is a celebration of everything positive and fun about tabletop roleplaying. The premise is simple - just download the image with all the questions on it from the RPGBrigade site (or even just the image posted below). Look at the questions, and then, one question per day in August, post something on social media, your blog, your vlog, the back of a milk carton, anything you like. Just spread the word about how cool RPGing is. If you like, you can share your post on the RPGaDAY page on the RPGBrigade site and they'll collate everyone's posts.

You can check out the RPGBrigade's RPGaDAY page here

and you can follow all the fun and excitement on the RPGaDAY Facebook page here as well...

Check back before the end of the week, and I may just reveal *why* I've been so busy and haven't the time for RPGaDAY this year...

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