Wednesday, April 6, 2016

C'mon, dude! Write something!

Once again, time has slipped by and I've failed to post anything interesting on here... Time for a quick update:

WILD: Progress on the WILD RPG has been very slow, in fact non existent. Another project has come along and is taking all of my time, so WILD is on the back-burner at the moment. I'm not shelving it, worry not. It's still there in the back of my mind, drifting through my subconscious like an incepted idea that cannot be shaken.

VIDEOS: I've had an idea of how to progress with the Roll Your Own Life webseries I wanted to do, but just haven't had the time to do it. Not that it's really important anyway, especially as I only get around 50-100 views on my videos (at least, the ones that don't feature Tom Hiddleston). Hell, no one wants to see chunky bald guy talking into the camera for ages.

Though thanks to the chap who recognised me in my day job from my RPGaDAY videos. Nice to know someone was watching!

And talking of that...

RPGaDAY: So, what do you think? Do we do it again this year? I'm probably going to be busier this year, so I won't be able to put as much time and effort into it, but I'll still hope to do the full 31 videos and post - I just may not be able to do the hours of posting, replying and so on during the month. The question is, do we do it? And what questions?

I just have to remember not to seek out people's posts to see what they're doing during the month. While 90% of the people taking part enjoyed it and loved getting involved, there's always the 10% who criticise the positivity, or just enjoyed clicking dislike on the videos. It's disheartening.

But that's a way off yet!

BLOGGING: This is post 199 on this blog! Wow, I can't believe I've waffled on for so long! You bored yet?

This blog had a sudden surge of interest when the legendary Gerard Way replied to a tweet of mine. He'd posted to JK Rowling about the lack of a pen & paper RPG for Harry Potter, and I directed him to the blog posts I'd done about the game I was pitching to Warner Bros.

Just look at that. 52 likes for my little post, 737 likes for his reply to me. And I still get notifications over a month later that someone else has liked that reply. Hundreds of MCR fans faithfully liking everything he comments. It's a little scary. I'd be worried if I had that kind of following.

But a few of them followed the conversation back to my blog and read about the Potter pitch. Alas, JK didn't, so we're still no closer to a tabletop Harry Potter RPG. One day...


So, 199th post over. I guess I'll have to make post 200 something particularly exciting.

Stay tuned, stay multiclassy, and stay safe.

Peace and Long Life.


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