Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gaming Nostalgia: The FASA Catalog Spring 1987

One of those #ThrowbackThursday things, I was looking through one of my old games (Did I mention my copy of the old FASA Doctor Who RPG is signed by Tom Baker?) and found this rather awesome gem - a snapshot of gaming history...

The FASA Catalog of Games and Books - Spring 1987

My scanner is under a pile of books somewhere, but I took some photos so you could join me in reliving the glory of FASA's wares of the day - Battletech, Star Trek, Doctor Who, and... Top Gun??


Valberto said...

That was intense.

Truecrimson said...

This was just posted on the FASA Star Trek groups. My younger brother had Top Gun and we played a fair amount of that. I think Dr. Who was the one thing in this catalog we weren't interested in. Between the two of us we had almost all of the Star Trek and Battletech/Mechwarrior stuff.

Thank you for preserving this.