Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Harry Potter Roleplaying Game

...that could have been.

Over the last four weeks I've been posting the pitch for the Harry Potter RPG that I started putting together when we started talking to Warner Bros about the possibility of the game. Nothing came of it, and they didn't see the pitch in the end, so I thought I'd post it online so that (a) you could see what could have been, and (b) hope above all hope that someone will see the posts and realise that it's a great idea and... well, we can dream.

The mocked up sample character sheets, presented as a report card and receipt
from Ollivanders. 

I started a new blog post about Mad Max: Fury Road, and how a non-stop chase movie with very strong and independent female characters has similarities with the series of novels I've been working on for the WILD RPG, but I want to give the post the time it deserves.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be useful if I collated all of the Harry Potter posts together for easy reference and access.

The first post looked at how a Harry Potter roleplaying game would be a great thing - how it would encourage new players to stretch their imaginations, and empower their social skills away from the lure of the computer screen - as well as looking at how it would remain true and respectful to J K Rowling's work and vision, and wouldn't diminish the wonderful books and films.

You can read the first post, "Adventures in a World of Magic" here:

The second week I looked at the product itself in more detail, looking at how the game would look like a Hogwarts textbook, and immerse the players into Harry's world by keeping the feel of Rowling's brilliantly envisioned setting.

You can read the second post, "Of course it's happening inside your head, Harry..." here:

The third post really got down to the details of the game system and how it works, looking at the character sheets, stats, how the dice are used, and how simple mechanics can maintain the feel of the wizarding world, and suspend the belief of the players.

You can read "It's our choices, Harry..." here:

The fourth and final post looked at the supplements that could be produced for the game, expanding the potential to provide players with endless possibilities that will keep players of all ages playing for months and years to come.

You can find the last post, "The mind is not a book..." here:

Thank you all for listening. We'll get onto a new topic next week!

Until then, stay multi-classy!

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