Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dragonmeet - Signing and Stuff

This Saturday, 6th December 2014, is Dragonmeet - the UK's biggest convention for RPGs and gaming since GenConUK came to an untimely end.

I've not been able to make it to a Dragonmeet in many, many years. 2007 was the last one I attended when I was on a panel with some very recognisable names in the RPG world.
Dragonmeet 2007:(L-R) - Me, Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Chris Birch
Angus Abranson and Fred Hicks
That was back when we were just announcing that we had the Doctor Who license and would be producing the official RPG with the BBC's blessing.

Since then, Dragonmeet has changed hands, changed location, and attendance seems to have increased tremendously - looks like it's going to be a busy one!

I'll be filming a little for the vid-blogs while I'm there, but those lovely people at Cubicle 7 have deemed me important enough to do a signing! I'll be at their stand at 2.30pm, signing the last remaining copies of the Limited Edition Anniversary Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG core rulebook. I must admit, I never thought I was important enough for a signing... I've not really done anything like that before... okay, sure I had a stand at the last UKCAC for the comic, but it's different when a publisher asks you to do a signing rather than you just pimping your own produce.

Seems especially weird when the other name for signings they have is the legend that is Joe Dever, creator of Lone Wolf. The guy is a legend, I'm honoured and a little baffled to be even given remotely similar billing to him on C7's page...

If you're attending Dragonmeet, come and say "hi"!! I'll be the bald one with a red tie and Autocratik badge (courtesy of Chimeric Garnish).

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