Monday, April 1, 2013

PITCH: The Beatles RPG

The Beatles Roleplaying Game

Adventures with the Fab Four

Picture yourself on a boat on a river…

The music was just the beginning. The biggest band in the world may be best recognised for their influence on the world of music, but their adventures in between recording albums was just as legendary. Now you can experience their crazy adventures in The Beatles Roleplaying Game.

From their secret base, cunningly disguised as four terraced houses, the Fab Four embark on many madcap adventures around the world, avoiding packs of screaming girls and murderous cultists, while travelling to other lands and dimensions in their reality bending Yellow Submarine.

Within its pages you’ll find:

  • A completely new game system (FAB) which allows you to do anything within the vast scope of Beatles Roleplaying incorporating four special FAB dice – with images of John, Paul, George and Ringo on the 6’s. Roll a Beatle and get additional bonuses! 
  • Save the world by breaking into song. New game rules allow the power of music to change the outcome of encounters, and full advice (and a backing CD) will allow players to sing their way out of situations with additional effects for convincing harmonies!
  • Three distinct eras of play to get you started – A Hard Days Night, Help! and Yellow Submarine. Each with in depth locations from Liverpool to Pepperland, and a host of NPCs from insane death cultists, Paul’s Granddad (he’s very clean), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to the Blue Meanies. 
  • Full colour character sheets for the Fab Four, with the option for a fifth player on later campaigns. 
  • Complete introductory adventure – Magical Mystery Tour.

Available in two versions (White on Black, and limited Black on White).

344page Hardcover
Written and Designed by: David F Chapman
For four Fab players and one Manager. 

This is, of course, not a real game. But, there's a level of hope there. While there is no RPG for The Beatles, and the logistics and costs of securing the rights for the Fab Four would mean such an RPG would be almost impossible (small independent RPG publisher approaches the biggest band in history and says "Hey, I'd like to make a little RPG about the band, based on the madcap adventures seen in the awesome films like Help! and Yellow Submarine"... not really much of a chance there), there's always that dream isn't there.

Yes, I think "The Beatles RPG" could work. Sure you'd be limited to a maximum of four players and a GM (Manager), but the scope of the game would be immense. Just watch Help! and imagine how insane an RPG would be in that universe. Then watch Yellow Submarine and tell me it wouldn't work. Or the opening cinematic to The Beatles: Rock Band and maybe some of the episodes of the old animated series from the sixties, and imagine the possibilities. 

It'd be fab.

Almost impossible, but fab.

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